Hey, guys, I hope you all are good, in this article we will know the difference between c and c++ although these both are programming languages still there are some differences which you need to know.

The significant difference between C and C++  is that C language is a procedural programming paradigm language and it does not support objects and classes whereas C++ combines both object and procedural oriented programming language we can also say that C++ is a hybrid language.

Here are some differences listed below.

Difference Between C And C++

Here are all the distinct features of each  C programming language. First, we’ll start with C language and then C++.

  • C is function directed language which is the building blocks of objects where as C++ language is object driven, in simple words it means C language is used to create objects and check whether they are working or not, and when the object is finished it structure it is sent to C++ language to functionalize for what it was made for.
  • C language was developed by Dennis Ritchie back in between 1969 and 1973 where as C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979.
  • C language emphasizes procedural programming for code development, where as C++ emphasizes both object oriented language and procedural paradigms, also C++ is also called as a hybrid language.
  • C++ has the capability to function in line whereas C language does not have inline functions.
  • The namespace is present in C++ whereas namespace is absent in C language.
  • One of the major difference between C language and C++ is that the file extension of C language is .C and C++ is .CPP
  • Level of the language of C is medium and C++ is high-level.
  • In C programming language it divides its parts into the function where as in C++ it divides into classes and objects.

Difference Between C and C++ Explained In This Video

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