Are you a fan of Apple iOS operating system, which they currently operate on their devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod and you have an android device but you also wish to run iOS apps on android at the same time and fetch the experience of iOS also. So, there’s nothing best for you than reading this article in which you will get to know about two of the best iOS emulator for Android.

So, let’s face the brutal truth, and everybody knows it that iOS is very much stable it is very much clean and it very much fast, until and unless you are in a beta version, before starting ahead let me tell you something about these iOS emulators and how they work on Android.

For those who are searching is there an ios emulator for android?. So, let me tell you, yes there are few emulators which can emulate the same experience you, found on iDevices.

So, in this tutorial, we will learn about how to download and run ios apps on android quickly, efficiently and easily, just follow the tutorial till the end.

Look, these iOS emulators for Android are not exactly providing you iOS interface, but somehow these emulators tend to emulate that experience by adding that type of skin on your homescreen and status bar, and it will fulfill your dream of using iOS apps on android with an appropriate and a proper emulator you can quickly run Apple iOS apps on your Android without rooting and emulate the apps on your device

How To Run iOS Apps On Android With iOS Emulator

The best iOS emulators for Android are Cider APK, and iEMU they are the only best emulators which will open a gateway to fun to Apple apps on your Android Device quickly. I have listed an old emulator also which have more capabilities, give a try to it.

There are two ways to run iOS apps on Android either you can use Cider APK, or you can use iEMU they both are great, and I would consider you to try both!

Firstly you have to download these simulators from below, and then you have to the following steps below.

  • Install the apps.
  • Launch the installed app from the homepage of your Android device.
  • Now the emulator will connect padoid.

Cider iOS Emulator For Android

When it comes to iOS emulators for Android, we can’t neglect listing Cider to the first of our list. It runs iOS applications and games on Android like nothing else application does without charging a single cent. You can enjoy a broad range of Apple store applications and games on your Android device for absolutely free.

Follow the following steps to get started with using iOS applications. Before starting if you have any launcher installed on your device.

I would suggest uninstalling it before installing Cider iOS so that you don’t have any problems or issues while using the emulator, do also make sure that your device has enough storage ( 2-4 GB is required to run applications and games smoothly ).

First, select ” install from unknown sources ” in settings under security then select, if you are having trouble just see the image below to get better.


Now, you should be able to install Cider without any errors. If you get one just comment down below, I will help you out.

All In One iOS Emulator

Here is another good emulator which simulates the exact iDevices experience. This apk is developed by Gaziaggelos from XDA Developers back in 2012, it is a bit old but it can simulate the best iOS 6 experience for you.


  • The Same camera included.
  • Messaging app included.
  • Albums included.
  • Music app included.
  • Sound Recorder included.
  • Siri included named as SARA.

Here are some of the screenshots of this emulator.

homescreen-screenshot utilities-screenshot call-screenshot sara-screenshot sara-screenshot-2  albums-screenshots music-artist-screenshots voice-recorder camera-screenshot


How To Download And Install?

Here is the download link.

  • Copy the downloaded apk in system/attached.
  • Set permissions; tick all checkboxes under ” READ ” and tick Owner checkbox under ” Write “.
  • Now, rename the app as ” Original “.

That’s it now reboot and enjoy.

iEMU iOS Emulator For Android APK

Like Cider APK iEMU also emulates iOS games and apps on your Android device. It is an open source application for most of the applications it does not require your device to be rooted.

Most of the devices may not need rooted device to run iEMU, but in some Samsung devices, iEMU APK may require root access to run.

Basic requirements to run iEMU iOS Emulator For Android snappy.

  • 100+ MB storage is required.
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM is required to run this emulator smoothly although you can test it on 512 MB devices it won’t run that smooth.
  • Android Lollipop or Kitkat ( You, can also try in on Android Ginger Bread ).

Download iEMU iOS Emulator For Android

How to install iEMU APK?

  • After downloading iEMU APK navigate to it.
  • Browse to the download location.
  • Now, install it.
  • After installing you will get a choice whether to select your default launcher or iEMU iOS simulator, you just simply have to click on iEMU.

That’s it now you are on iEMU emulator!

Now you will be running Android iOS on your device.


How To Download iOS Emulator?

To download an iOS emulator, just simply click on the download section of each emulator, and download it from there.

iOS Emulator For Android Tablet?

Yeah, you can use these emulators and they will even work good on your Android running tablet, It will make a realistic iPad experience for you.

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