If you are an Android user you may be aware of Google play store and it’s a large number of applications and games in the play store, most of them are free and some if them are paid. To get the paid apps you have to deposit some money before you can buy your desired paid app. So, here’s a tutorial in which you can learn how to earn Google play credits for free without surveys to buy paid apps directly from your smartphone.

So, here’s a tutorial in which you can learn how to earn Google play credits for free without surveys to buy paid apps directly from your smartphone.

Everybody want paid things for free! Don’t you.

What Are Google Play Credits?

Google play is a huge store containing thousands of applications and games although all of them are not free some of them are paid and some of them are free, so to get the paid applications you need credits to buy the paid apps.

So, to get the paid apps you have either two options one is to go and buy the Google play gift cards and the other is to earn Google play credits for free.

How to add credits to your Google play account?

  • Open play store and go to My account.
  • Now, tap on Add credit/debit card or redeem ( Now, you can redeem or purchase Google play credits, choose your desired option ).
  • If you want to redeem credits from Google play gift card then enter your card number and press redeem.

To add credits for free, keep following the tutorial.

If you are having a Samsung device, Samsung may give you credits for free. Offer changes timely, during this time they may provide you a $25 Google play credits code to redeem, check out here.

1. Earn Google Play Credits With Google Opinion Rewards

This is one of the easiest and official method to earn Google play credits for free, you just have to complete simple and quick surveys. To get started, Firstly you have to download and install Google Opinion Rewards from

To get started, Firstly you have to download and install Google Opinion Rewards from here. After installing the application you have to answer and submit basic questions about yourself and then Google will send you surveys once a week or more than once a week or quite less, you’ll get a notification whenever there is a survey ready compelling your interests and earn up to $1 in Google play credits for completing survey.

how to earn google play credits with google opinion rewards

Surveys and question will be like which is the best logo? and when are you planning to travel? that’s how simple questions will be there. Isn’t it an easy to earn Google play credits, let me know down below in the comment section.

2. FreemyApps To Earn Credits

FreemyApps is a great way to earn free play store credits by trying free to download apps and games suggested by the application that gives some credits which you can redeem further in the form of Google play gift card and finally redeem it in your Google account through gift cards, they offer Skype, Starbucks, Amazon, etc, along with Google play gift cards.

freemyapps to earn free google play credits

How To Get Play Credits By FreemyApps?

  • Visit this link from your android device.
  • Download and Install FreemyApps.
  • You’ll get a list of apps and games, download your desired one, install it.
  • Installing each app gives you credits, so after collecting some credits redeem it.

3. Tap Cash Rewards

This app is very similar to other apps which gives you credit when installing and using apps, but it has the ability to convert your credits into real money, you can also redeem gift cards for Amazon PayPal, Skype, etc, with Google Play gift cards. It is very efficient and straightforward when you want to make some money via apps.

How Do Tap Cash Rewards Work?

play credits

Here is the link of Tap Cash Rewards, visit it from an Android smartphone and install it. Download and install any app you like, to get Google Play Credits you may need to run the apps once or you may you have to signup through the installed applications to complete the process. Simply, redeem credits when you have enough to your Google Account.

4. Cubic Rewards

Cubic rewards run applications very simple designed and it is more efficient when it comes to security, it lets you run the coolest apps available in Google play store while making some money simultaneously. It offers free Google play gift cards and other gift cards offered by Amazon and other companies as well.

free google play credits

How To Earn Free Google Play Gift Cards By Cubic Rewards?

  • Install CubicRewards from here.
  • Browse and download your favorite application.
  • Run the app to get credits.
  • Redeem the credits for Google play gift codes.

5. JunoWallet

JunoWallet is much similar to FreeMyApps but you have to freedom to earn credits in the way you like, you can do many things such as you can watch videos, play games, complete short surveys, invite friends and make calls to earn Google play credits. You, can redeem credits for various stores such as Amazon, Ebay and even Xbox Memberships.

To get free Google Play Credits follow the steps listed below

  • Download JunoWallet from here.
  • Signup, for the app either by signing in by Google or by Facebook.
  • No, start downloading app until you reach the lowest limit to withdraw credits.
  • Now, redeem your credits by picking up a reward.

how to get google play credits

6. AppNana

AppNana is one of my favorite application and most popular app when it comes to earning Google play credits. This app has a large marketplace for downloading apps and games to download.The apps in the marketplace should be run after installation to complete the earning process.

How To Earn Free Google Play Credits?

  • Install AppNana from Playstore from here.
  • Download any app you like and run it.
  • After running the credits you may see the credit balance increased.
  • After reaching the minimum points limit, redeem the points to Google play credits.

7. Cash Gift – Free Gift Cards

It is a very good app not only to earn Google play credits but also to make some bucks online while installing recommended applications, games or watching free Ads. They say you can redeem $3 in just one minute, try it and tell me in the comment section if you are able to make more than $1 in your first few minutes. Redeem $5 and $25 for Google play gift cards, $1, $2, $3, $5, $10 Amazon Gift Cards and $3, $5, $10 Paypal Cash.
Cash Gift - Free Gift Cards

Earn Free Google Play Credits With Cash Gift

  • Install Cash Gift From Playstore.
  • Get coins offered by completing small tasks such as installing recommended apps.
  • Redeem coins as your rewards for Google play gift cards, Paypal or Amazon.

8. appKarma

AppKarma is another alternative which lets you earn daily rewards with applications you’ve already installed. You, don;t need to signup, just install appKarma and start earning. You can also be a VIP if you have a Youtube channel with more than 1000 subscribers and you can receive invites and special referral codes. You, also get 5% of the points back whenever you redeem points, so there is always some points account pending in your account.

Get Google Credits With appKarma

  • Download appKarma from here.
  • No, need to signup just earning.
  • Download the suggested applications and play with it each day to earn daily rewards.

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