The best cheap gaming mouse of 2017? well, there are many.

It completely depends on you whether you are a gamer, a writer or a normal usage person.

In this article, I will be telling you the best cheap gaming mouse having demands such as low latency, minimal charge maintenance or mouse with sporty looks which usually gamers demand with 2.4GHz wireless capabilities. Anyways, we all want a handy, attractive with led lights and efficient mouse don’t you? let me know what you want in the comment section.

Let’s face the truth PC gaming accessories and peripherals are not cheap…

That’s the main reason many brands such as Logitech, Asus, Razer and many others have got the opportunity to enter in this market. Some of them make the best gaming mouse and peripherals in the industry.

So, let me tell you today your all confusion about a mouse will be explained, you’ll get an answer to every question you have ever left for gaming mouses and ultimately you’ll discover the best gaming mouse for yourself.

Gaming mouse and regular mouse are different although they work same, gaming mouse has many other functions such as changing DPI’s and switching windows, so that’s why a gaming mouse has a different mechanism than a regular mouse.

So, in today’s discussion, we’ll have our hands on some of the best cheap mice ever built in the industry for consumers to buy.

This list is made for people who are in search of something best when they have to buy a mouse, we have collected best information we had tested each and every mouse on the list and fortunately, we are happy to list that list here.

Best Cheap Gaming Mouse

Without doing much let us introduce you the best 5 cheap gaming mouse yet in the industry.

A cheap gaming mouse is a must for passionate gamers. These mice listed below will help any gamer to take fast actions and win some critical kills, every mouse listed in this list is heavily researched and we have taken our hands on it. Reading this cheap gaming mouse list will help you to save a lot of time and find the great product instantly without researching.

G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse


best-new-cheap-gaming-mouseThe Logitech G602 is one of the best gaming mice it is a formidable wireless gaming mouse from a very renowned company when it comes to making computer accessories and peripherals.

Although this gaming mouse is not cheap in a special deal you can get this mice at very cheap price.

The best gaming mouse needs to have a good DPI range and this mouse is set to have a DPI range of 250-2500 DPI, that means the cursor travels further in relation to your hand motions relatively you can perform faster actions and kill opponents quickly.

This mouse takes a number 1 position in our list and you can easily get this best cheap gaming mouse on a cheap deal.



  • Wireless Gaming Mouse.
  • Consist Of Excellent 11 Buttons Placement.
  • Comfortable using.
  • Having a nice response time of 2ms.
  • Nice battery life.


  • Whistles and bells are not present.

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VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Cheap Gaming Mouse


best-cheap-gaming-mouseWhen it comes to buying cheap gaming mouse the VicTsing MM057 has the best comfort and design to the user.

Its completely a high-end mouse, the mouse has very comfortable non-slip contoured rubber grip which also makes it feel very premium. The mouse has the option to select between five DPI settings which help to choose your preferred density.

The batteries of this gaming mouse could be operated for as long as 15 months, it will rarely need a chance to replace batteries during that period.

The mouse has a wireless 2.4GhZ system which is capable of controlling screen from a long distance, also it makes a secure connection to your PC.



  • Really cheap for the price.
  • 800-2400 DPI.
  • Optically advanced.


  • No lightning.
  • Designed for right-handed gamers only.

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Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Cheap Gaming Mouse


best-cheap-gaming-mouseYes, we are having two gaming mouse here today from tech giant Logitech. This cheap mouse is built on high-speed fusion engine with a flawless 32 bit fast ARM processor which delivers seamlessly fast actions on any high-end game.

This Logitech beast features eight programmable buttons to program according to your ease.

Logitech G402 gaming mouse isn’t that much attractive when it comes to looks and design, the glossy and matte black finish isn’t that much compelling and isn’t that much ergonomic.

To get the most of this mouse you need to download Logitech’s Gaming software which will help you to adjust functions like tuning DPI settings, polling rate, customizing buttons according to your needs, adjusting logo brightness and there’s also a tool for checking how much fast you can move the mice.



  • Great button positioning and response.
  • Easily switchable DPI.


  • Weights system is missing.
  • Doesn’t look like a premium gaming mouse.

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Redragon M601 Centrophorus Gaming Mouse


Redragon is a king when it comes to providing cheap gaming peripherals, and this cheap gaming mouse is undoubtedly from them.

This company has been operating since 1996 in the United States and since providing cheap quality electronic products. This is one of my favorite mice when it comes to looks and design. The funky lightning logo which matches the design and colors simply look epic and cool.

Although this mouse is cheap and awesome for its price.



  • A great optical sensor which allows seamless tracking up to 2,000 CPI sensitivity.
  • Durable Teflon pads and micro-switches which will surely last this mice for years.
  • Gold plated USB connector.


  • Out of 6 buttons, only 2 buttons are programmable.

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Pictek 2400DPI Adjustable Gaming Mouse


best-cheap-gaming-mouseThis cheap gaming mouse provides five DPI settings which will boost actions. The mouse is great in having power-saving capabilities, clicks sound is almost non-existent and the design is ergonomic.

Another great feature which packs with this mice is that you don’t need to have any software or driver installed in order to run this mouse, it’s completely plug-and-play device.


  • Creative design.
  • Plug and play.


  • Not for high-end gamers.

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