Yes, blogging isn’t easy.

It needs hard work, passion and interest set altogether at its best described in words at it’s best. If you have any of these things you can win the heart of your niche audience.

It becomes fun if you do blogging correctly if you do it with your affection and it really feels good to watch live traffic, crazy sales, and increasing advertisement revenues.

In this tutorial, you are going to learn what is a blog, how to build a blog, how to make money with a blog with AdSense. Let’s start building a blog from scratch.

What Is A Blog ?

So, the first question arises in mind is what blogging basically is?

Blogging is basically used to share or express your views and to explain things to people around the world by the help of WWW [ World Wide Web ] on the internet. Many people who do blogging make money blogging in this tutorial I will also tell you how to make money blogging.

You, write articles in your blog which are termed as a post.

Content is being always as the king as it is the only thing through which your whole blog will be judged in search engines. If keywords are stuffed well and SEO is done properly then your chances are likely to increase your chances to rank in search results.

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I gave you a basic insight of what is a blog ?

Moving further you will learn the following things.

  • How To Create A Blog And Make Money Blogging.
  • What are Blogs ?
  • How To Find A Niche.
  • How To Create A Blog From Scratch.
  • The Ways to Make Money By Blogging.

How To Choose A Niche For Your Blog ?

This step is one of the hardest one, if you don’t know the niche then you are not good to start because if you don’t have any idea of the niche then you don’t know exactly where you are going to do.

So for this big problem I gotta solution read below.

First, you have to explore yourself, you have to explore your hobbies, your passion. Think of the activities you enjoy the most in and get your 100% when doing it.

For, example my hobby was exploring the web and to find new interesting ideas and facts about the internet so I learned the fundamentals of Internet, I learned how to earn from my passion and ultimately I started a website and as far it’s been 2-3 years of my personal experience in blogging.

Look at your hobbies, passion and choose the thing in which you do enjoy the most doing. After selecting your one of the most favorite hobby or passion. It’s time to professionalize your passion and take it to another level.

Research for Your Passion=Niche

Before moving ahead You should research for your niche and find new ideas, take a look on how other bloggers are expressing their thoughts on your niche and get yourself unique from them and think something unique which should be totally different from others.

For example, if your competitor websites don’t have their beginner’s guide then you can create your own, which you will be going to distribute to your subscribers, in simple words ebooks are these days are the best way to grab emails.

Choose And Buy Domain Name

What is a Domain Name?

Domain name is the name of your brand for example Domain names are of two types, Geographical and Non- Geographical Domain Name.

Geographical Domain Name: It refers to a domain which is for a particular country but can be accessed worldwide for example as you can see the last part of this domain represents the UK that means this site was meant for the United Kingdom but can be accessed worldwide.

Non- Geographical Domain Name: It refers to the domain name which is meant for worldwide use for example as you can see there is no .in,.uk, .ca or any kind of suffix which describe a specific country.

Although, I always prefer you to go for .COM domain, select geographical domain only if you are in a micro niche site and want that site for a particular country.

Buy A Domain Name

Finally, now it comes to buying your brand name or domain name.

For buying a domain name I always recommend to select the best in the industry which is GoDaddy for domain names. I always use GoDaddy for buying the domain names for my sites.

If your niche is dance then you should include dance in your domain name, for example, it should be like or something like that.

Registering a domain name is simple just follow the below steps.


  • Step 2: Search for a domain name.
  • Step 3: Check if it’s still available.
  • Step 4: If it is available then buy it, if not keep searching you’ll found one.


After buying the domain name you need a cloud space to bring your site live. So in this step you will learn about what is hosting. Always choose the best hosting in the business for that I always recommended you to go for HostGator, they provide excellent support with excellent service including various aspects such as load time, 99.99% uptime.

What is hosting?

The domain name is only the name of your business and nothing more than just a name. To make your website live you need hosting where you will be going to save files which are needed to show your website live or you can say hosting contains files which will be shown whenever a visitor visit your site.

Hosting contains your site’s database, tables, images and other kind of media files.

How to buy hosting?

It’s easy to buy hosting just follow the steps listed above.

Go onto hostgator or any other hosting company you like.

After going onto the hosting site, select the plan you like ( For starters I would suggest to for hatchling plan ).

Now you’ll see a popup on the screen which will say you to brand new domain from them, but we have bought the domain name so we’ll select ” I had a domain and I want to host it” after it a new box will appear in which you have to type your domain name.

After entering the domain name in the box you’ll see a screen for the payment, now I think you would know the further steps, don’t need to tell hmmm…..

After successfuly buying the hosting, now it’s time to setup WordPress.

Setup Blog

Now its time to setup your blog, and the most recommended platform for starting a blog in the world is WordPress so we’ll setup WordPress for your blog in this step.

Why choose WordPress?


WordPress is a content management service it is the most liked blogging platform in the world for bloggers and even the pro’s advice to choose WordPress for your blog. Mostly 70-80% of the blogs are powered by WordPress.

WordPress offer the most flexible service without any coding unless you are doing some changes with your CSS file or Functions file.

Guess what WordPress is free if you self-host it.

Step 1: Log onto your Cpanel account which should be provided by the hosting company you chose at the previous step, usually you can find your credentials are in your mail inbox, use those credentials to log onto Cpanel.

Step 2: Drag down and find ” Softaculous ” after finding it, tap onto it and search for WordPress.

Step 3: After finding WordPress in the search results, tap the install button.

Step 4: Fill up the details, and leave the install directory empty if its filled up automatically with wp, so delete it, it should be empty because we want to install WordPress on the root domain.

……….. Congrats Now you have successfuly installed WordPress ………..

If you need any assistance I’ll be soon right back when you comment below to help you. If you are confused about selecting themes I consider reading you these best wordpress themes.




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