Half a year ago, Reliance Jio announced their free unlimited 4g services for only Samsung 4g devices than it came to LG and sometime after that nearly all of the major mobile industries came to see in the list of supported companies.

But Microsoft lumia phone’s was not in that list although there were many ways on how to get jio sim for windows phone. But some of them were not working.

Jio sim comes with a VoLTE support out-of-the-box, so for those who don’t know what is VoLTE; It refers to Voice Over LTE that means you can call other people over your 4g data even if they don’t have jio sim. Jio also brought up with the best 4G speed to their customer’s it was as high as 100mbps in some areas and so now.

So in this tutorial, we will be talking for jio sim for windows phone with some tweaks in an official way.

How To Get Jio Sim For Windows Phone


So, there are two ways to get jio sim for windows phone, one is to borrow a rooted phone from your friend and then install IMEI changer, then change IMEI then get it from MyJio app.

And the another is by using bluestacks, it is pretty simple and you do not need to borrow anything it just needs your computer. You, just need to download bluestacks from here, then installing and changing IMEI through IMEI changer. After that downloading and installing MYJio app from playstore and there at the MYJio app screen you will get generate jio code or something like that option now what you have to do is.

You, have to simply generate the code through that option and take that code to the JIO center and they’ll walk you home with a free jio sim.

Or here is a method you can follow to get jio sim for windows phone and implement those steps in bluestacks.

How To Use Jio Sim In Windows Phone

You, may easily get your sim for windows phone by following the steps listed above, now after getting it it’s time to know how to use jio sim in windows phone.

Just follow the steps listed below.

  • Firstly you have to go to App List, then find and tap on settings and under settings you have to select Cellular +SIM.
  • If your windows phone is having dual sim option then you can select either to choose SIM 1 or SIM 2 settings, It is completely based on your JIO sim placement check whether it’s on SIM 1 or SIM 2. According to me, you should place your 4G SIM in SIM 1 because some windows phones do not have the option of dual 4g.
  • So, Now turn on the data of your preferred SIM.
  • Now, in Limited Wi-Fi connectivity turn on cellular data.
  • Enable the highest connection speed and 3G connection for faster data connection.


Now, to use Jio Sim in Windows phone the below steps are also necessary to enable 4G.

  • In Sim +Cellular settings select sim settings and then Add Internet APN( Access Point Name )
  • Select the sim card slot in which you have placed your JIO 4g SIM and type the given value.
  • You, have to type IPV4 under IP Type

Leave the remaining fields as is and tap save.

Now, you should be able to enjoy high-speed data with VoLTE service from JIO.

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