There are 6 mistakes that a Blogger sometimes ignores or does not take action.

All the mistakes…six must be considered as very important to be established as a prominent blogger around the web and must try to avoid.

I will try to come out these mistakes in front of you and suggest to avoid these by this article.

And therefore, I really hope that this article will help you to know these mistakes(If you don’t care before) and avoid.There are a lot of articles which described valuable pieces of advice. But those are related to content mistakes. I will not only tell you about your contents but also surround you and your blog.

What are the Six critical mistakes? Let’s take a short view.

  1. Focusing more on the blogger, not the readers
  2. Writing poorly Headlines of contents
  3. Making contents to increase the quantity, not the quality
  4. Neglecting social effectiveness
  5. Neglecting search engine
  6. Lacking a blogging voice

I have shown you all the six noticeable mistakes in an eye-view so that you can catch instant to your head. Now I will try to make a little discussion with the caring of each mistake.

How to blog


Focusing More on The Blogger Not The Readers

Do you know what is the main target of a blogger? As you are a blogger,  you definitely know that.

Most of the bloggers(Who are really good bloggers) blog for money. It is not the matter of shame. It is the matter of pleasure. A blogger definitely wants that.

But the matter is to consider that how much they take care of their audience’s questions, demands, and facilities on their blogs.

Again, the matter is to consider that how much they are taking care of their audience’s questions, demands, and facilities on their blogs.

If you really wanna to make money with your blog, you really can make money.

But the thing is to consider, you have to satisfy your readers by supplying contents as their demand. Hey, a minute, please.

I am not telling you that a reader will tell you to do this, you will do that. I am telling you that you must supply contents about your niche which are really valuable to your readers and help them to understand the matter which you have presented in your contents.

Don’t focus on yourself or your demand more.

That means Don’t focus on your demand which is making money. Focus on your reader’s demand which is taking care of their questions, facilities and valuable contents.



Writing poorly Headlines of contents

Headlines are important to attract a reader’s eyes.  If you have written an article which is very nice and supplied its message well but the Headline is not attractive more, Most often it will not be able to draw more readers attention.

Think about yourself. When you see an article what do you do? By reading the Headline, Most of the people try to assume what are inside.

A great Headline can….

  • Deliver strong message that inspires to read
  • Produce curiosity
  • Be easy to understand clearly
  • Draw strong attention

If you can know that what your audience want from you, You can make your contents like their demands.

Once again, If you can know that what your audience want from you, You can make an attractive Headline for your content which will draw their attention easily.

I should make an example with this matter. Right ?

Suppose you have written an extraordinary article about “weight loss”, what should be your title for this article?

How to lose weight 10 pounds within 15 days without dieting” headline can produce more curiosity to your audiences than “How to lose weight” headline. Am I right? Think again.




Making contents to increase the quantity, not the quality

Many of new blogger think that they should increase the number of posts. For increasing the number of posts, they forget(most often) about the quality of each post. It is can be defined as one of the worst mistakes of a Blogger.

A blogger who is blogging should concentrate on the quality of his/her post. The quantity is the matter of time.

As a Blogger, you know that Blogging is a matter of continuity.

On the other hand, you should know that daily little effort will bring a great result. The Chicago tower has not built in one day. It has been taken many days.

A famous blog whichever you visit to get inspiration or wish to follow has not been famous in one day. Their contents have not been made in one day. It needs time and continuous efforts.

For your Blog, It needs too. Give daily time and make quality contents. After a period, You must succeed with your expectation.

blog writing



Neglecting Search Engine’s

When you have made a blog, It will not draw reader automatically. This is not the magic world where you can draw traffics by magic.

Search Engines are the main source to bring traffics to your blog.

Again, Search Engines are the main source to give you new listener at every time, every moment.  Giving emphasis much on Search Engine sometimes bring bad result.

I have told this story in another post which is Over optimization may lead you to the end! You should check out that.

However, If you are at good rank in Search Engine’s search result with the keywords which have satisfied visitors, You may get definitely result as your expectation.

On the other hand, When you will write valuable contents which are preferable to human eyes, That will be interesting to Search Engines too.

Search Engines



Neglecting Social Activities

Hate or Love, you have to be active in social media. If you hate, it is the matter of sorrow that you have to make your attraction.

On the contrary, If you love, it is the matter of happiness that you will enjoy the interaction directly between you and your readers.

However, I have already said you that Search Engines are the main source to get new visitors.

On the other hand, Nowadays, After Google Panda and Penguin update, Google emphasis more on social media interaction.

Google is connected to Google plus and Bing is connected to Facebook and Twitter. So they judge your social media popularity to rank your keyword at their search.

Many Blogger spends their time only on their blog. They don’t try social media or try social media at the wrong way which Search Engine think as spam.

As a blogger, you have to take and give related info to your readers and you. Another thing you shouldn’t forget.

After Search Engines, social media can be a big source for traffics of your blog.

Social networking


Lacking Of A Blogging Voice 

You must recognize your blogging voice to make your blogging more successful. A blogging voice is not like something which can be catch immediately. It will come to you naturally. Once again, You will be able to catch this naturally.

  • When you will be able to know the answers of ………….
  • Who you are ?
  • What type of visitors comes to visit your blog ?
  • Are they satisfied with your contents ?
  • What are their likes and dislikes ?
  • Why are you blogging ?
  • What should be your blogging target ?

It is more important to understand yourself. When you can know more about yourself, you will be able to discover your blogging voice.

Blogging Voice

Blogging is can be a subject which should learn.

An educated blogger(Who know well about how to blog) is definitely a better blogger than an uneducated blogger(who doesn’t know about how to blog).

A blogger has to learn many things to deliver his contents to his/her audiences as much as better. The more a Blogger blog, The more the blogger will be skilled.

I have talked about six mistakes in this article. Every one of this list can’t be done by a blogger if he/she want to make his/her blogging successful. What do you think?

This article was presented by Salauddin Bepari from BanglaBooksPDF, Be sure to check out his blog !

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