Every blogger knows it’s hard to increase website traffic but what I know it isn’t impossible to increase website traffic.seo tips

Reading this blueprint, you will be able to increase your website traffic and really you’ll drive growth following this complete checklist of my favorite SEO Tips that increases my site traffic and it will also increase yours too.

I have previously written a SEO for beginners if you don’t what SEO is it may be useful for you.

As being a blogger we all know that if we want to be successful in blogging the #1 thing on which we need to focus the most is to get some readers for our content which would generate leads, sales although which make money blogging and finally after some hard work one reach success by getting millions of visitors to engage with their content. Follow these SEO tips to increase website traffic.

Now the question is…

How pro-bloggers got ready to add pro before blogger?

How they make engaging content?

How do they rank on search engines for their blog posts?

How do they make money blogging?

How do they increase their site traffic?

How they build so trustworthy SEO?

In this article, I am going to clear out all your misconception and finally I am going to tell you how to increase your website traffic by following these simple SEO tips.

And the answer is: Well it doesn’t take the time to add pro before blogger to yourself well it costs your hard-work, time, the most important your dedication and it takes years to reach that level.

Every blogger writes articles but unfortunately only some of them get opportunity to rank higher in search engine. And believe me it feels really really great watching your article on Google’s first page.

Remember content is the only part of your website through which you rank accordingly the more your content is informative, engaging and keyword stuffed the more chances are for you to rank higher.

[Tweet “The first few lines of your articles describe how engaging your content is…”]

Whenever a there’s a visit on your page, you have only 2-seconds to make the visitor feel stay for further reading or tap the back button to visit other pages..

Therefore, the first few paragraphs of your article should contain some kind of sentiments and emotion through which a reader should be able to relate him or herself with your blog post and

Lemme clear some few things out…

So, reading this article would gonna stick some old-new things on your mind and it should not gonna waste your time…

What You’ll learn today?

#1. Search Engine Optimization tips for beginners everybody can do SEO with these SEO tips.

#2. Matt Cutts SEO tips included.

#3. WordPress SEO tips.

#4. Google Safe SEO Tips.

#5. SEO tricks and tips.

#6. How to SEO your website for Google to make your page rank #1.

#7. SEO Tips For Beginners and as well as for advanced bloggers.

And much more.

Increase Your Website Traffic Now With These SEO Tips

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Create Unique Title For Each Page

Avoid Boilerplate and duplicate titles.

This is one of the most common mistakes almost every e-commerce site or any other site with a lot of pages are making these days well it’s counted not in good in SEO.

Google Search Console Guidelines
Google SEO Tip: Google also said to avoid boilerplate and duplicate titles.

Well, I know it’s very hard naming every blog post with unique and different title’s but it’s really important and it does count in search engine rankings.

Use LSI Keywords

LSI or Long tail keywords are determined to be more noticed and will rank higher in search engines rather than short keywords.

google generated long tail keywords search reults


You, can also get long tail keywords while searching on Google at the bottom of the search results.

As you can see Google automatically generated long tail keywords at the bottom of the search results.

For generating Long Tail Keywords I suggest you to try [eafl id=1128 name=”LongTailPro” text=”Long Tail Keyword Pro”] which is one of the best tool for generating Long Tail Keywords and it is also counted in Best Keyword Research Tools Yet In The Industry.

Including these keywords onto your content help’s Google to understand your content more better. Long tail keyword can also be found at the bottom of the search results.

Put Long Tail Keywords In Title And Description Tag

Embedding long tail keywords in title tags help to rank that article for the main keyword and as well as for the long tail keyword.

For instance, let’s say you are focusing for a keyword ” knives ” so you can embed that keyword onto your title tag by giving it a title like ” best and cheap kitchen knives ” so that you can rank for the long tail keyword and as well as for the main focused keyword.

Interlink Your Blog Posts

Interlink your important blog post’s and pages with each other wherever it’s needed.

Although some of the content management systems do interlinking automatically but if your system doesn’t do it automatically then you have to do it manually.

I’ll make you understand it better by an example let’s say I have 1 article published before on SEO beginner’s guide and currently I am writing on topic ” Best SEO tips and tips for begineers ” so when I’ll describe about SEO in the first few paragraphs I’ll try to add my previous post which is kind of relevant to this page.

Here are few Interlinking plugins for WordPress

Include Permalinks With Keywords

Permalinks are been considered as a good ranking factor if it’s optimized with your focus keyword.

Their are two types of permalinks, one is the bad permalink and the other one is good permalink structure and it can be better illustrated below.

example of site structures


If your site uses a permalink which is similar to this one which is called as ugly or bad permalinks and doesn’t considered as an good SEO rankings factor because being a human we cannot tell what will be inside of this link so how could an search engine will identify by the name what’s inside it which is only a set of algorithms, I recommend you to change your permalink to this one which will be considered as an good SEO ranking factor.

Give Friendly And Keyword Targeted Name To Images

Every time you upload images on your blog try to save them with a friendly title, alt tag, description which should be relevant to your article topic and should be easily recognizable with the focus keyword.

Re-Title your images if they doesn’t reflect your main keyword for example if my keyword is ” How to increase website traffic ” and the title of the image which I am using on that article is ” DSC2312 “ then I should rename it to something similar to my keyword so that the image title would contain the focus keyword for example I would rename it to ” How To Increase Website Traffic easily ” then my chances of ranking would be increased.

Link To Other Website’s

Link to other websites wherever you think there’s a need.

Try to link out to authority sites such as WikiPedia

Do it sparingly as each outbound link from your website is considered as a vote to the website you are linking to, you can also embed this SEO tip making a resource, page roll, link list on your website.

Even if you do it good and people click on the outbound links then search engine will get a clue to rank higher your site as your site will be more authoritative.

Update Your Website In A Frequent Manner

This practice should be afforded by every blogger if they want to increase website traffic…

Some case studies shows dynamic content ranks higher in search engines than static content and that’s the main reason blog and directories such as WikiPedia are doing a great job on getting organic traffic.

Constantly update your content to rank higher on search engines and get hell lot of traffic.

Make Sure Every Blog Post Is Indexed

Make sure search engines are crawling your web pages as right after it been published. ( Although Search Engines Take Some Time To Crawl Webpages But If You Have Submitted Sitemap They Should Do It Quickly)

Be sure search engine giants (Google and other search engines) are crawling you web pages, maybe you have published a lot of content but that content may not appear on search engines, not submitting sitemaps to search engine may cause this problem…

You can check whether your content is been appearing on Google or not by typing this shortcode,

If the results are appearing with your post links’s then your site is appearing in Google but if not appearing you may submit sitemap to Google.

Write Like Human, Write For Humans

None of the SEO tips will work for you to increase website traffic unless you start writing as a human being.

Don’t think of including 300 keywords in 300 word’s article if you are thinking to do so let me tell you it won’t rank.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Ranking is the major game of quality quantity doesn’t matters” quote=”Ranking is a major game of quality, quantity doesn’t matters”]

Some people think if we’ll only include keywords in the content so we can easily rank but it’s nothing more than a myth.

Yes, Google do look for keywords but when it comes for appearing the content in search results it looks on various aspects such as How informative your content is, How much time people spend on your site and 200 factors more.

Focus The Most On Content

Focus the most on your content on making it shareable, viral, and to make it well appear in search engines.

Make insanely actionable content, maintaining keyword frequency not keyword density. [ We,ll talk about keyword frequency later on]

Write good content include sentiments and emotions so one can relate easily to your content.

Write about practical life, take practical examples it helps to increase to build engagement.

Some case studies show practical content understands better to people.

Optimize Your Brand Name And Home Page For Conversion

Yes, your  homepage contains a load of authority.

The homepage doesn’t contain loads of content.Even if they do their content is aimed at selling.

Homepages usually aren’t that content which Google Love to show their users.

That’s why one should focus on  homepage efforts on ranking brand name…and so on also on conversions.

Long Content Always Rule !!

Write long content basically the content which is 1000+ words and sprinkle the long tail keywords around the content.

Why should I write long content?

You should write long content because as more you’ll write the more keywords you can sprinkle within the content.

In simple words, it means when you’ll write long content you will have the opportunity to write on many keywords related to the content and hence you’ll rank higher on search engines.

content total word count

As you can see below there’s a simple illustration from backlinko of content word count and it’s rankings.

I know writing long content is a pain but it’s counted as an important SEO factor.

Use Lots Of Images

Include lot of images in your articles and pages, use informative images that should be actionable and shareable as well although the images that seeing a person should feel to stick onto the page.

Images are an easy way to divide your content into morsels so it could be easily digested by the reader.

But don’t forget to add the title and alt tags so it well SEO optimized.

Google is paying more attention to user experience signals after some of its algorithm updates.

Use Alt tags like Captions

Well, Google cannot see the image and tell what’s it really is.So, to avoid keyword stuffing and include keywords in the alt tags and write images like captions.

Google algorithm uses image filename and alt text to understand what’s an image is.

It is considered as a good SEO tip from an point of Google.

how to use alt tags

Roundup Backlinks

Did, you just publish something actionable ?

Then it’s a good chance for you to build some roundup links without asking anybody to link to your page well it’s all done automatically when you do publish an awesome piece of content.

That’s why I keep telling you to focus on SEO and quality to increase backlinks and increase traffic.

In this method, people will send you an email telling that I linked your article from my content because I found it super cool.

SkyScraper With Guest Blogging

According to some case studies, it shows Skyscraper technique with guest blogging works well according to some case studies.

What happens when you combine skyscraper with guest blogging will increase your organic search engine traffic up to 219% of hike in your organic traffic.

Google Analytics Traffic Increase
That’s What Happen !

This instant way to increase website traffic works pretty well.

Create Stunning Infographics

Infographics are becoming more and more popular these days, people love to read infographics that are well designed with good information putten.

Making Infographics help for automatic link building therefore, it also helps to increase website traffic and SEO.

This simple funda works in the following way…

You create awesome infographics —> People love to share it ( Social media helps to increase your website traffic ) —> Some bloggers even put your infographic to their blogs and backlink to your blog ( It helps to increase backlinks as well as it helps to increase website traffic )

I know it takes huge time and pain creating infographics but that pain is for something beautiful.

Ask Third Parties To Update The Content

If you do find old outdated content on some websites.

You can offer them to refresh the content…

The owner of the website will be happy to give you this wonderful opportunity which would give you some backlink’s through which you can increase your site traffic and authority too.

If you didn’t get I’ll tell you in brief: Some busy bloggers doesn’t get much time to update content so they focus on bringing new content published every time. So what you can do is you, can ask them to revamp the content myself and blogger’s doesn’t refuse, in return you can ask them to put my website link wherever you want in the content so in that way you can get a lot of conversions through that link.

Add Schema To Increase Traffic

Well people nowadays ar more intrusted in search results having some stars..

What’s the role of stars here and how they can increase my website traffic?

schema markup search results
Schema Search Results In Google

Well that stars aren’t actually stars they are Schema markup if we’ll look from the point of search engines, these stars catch the attention of people and fortunately the visitor get onto your website, it also helps to increase CTR.

But be careful to use Schema and be legit as anything in SEO, Google is penalizing sites which do misuse of Schema markup.

Short URls

Use short URLs just including your keyword that sit.

Some case studies show that if you are using your focused keyword in the URLs then you’ll be able to rank slightly more in search engines although better than long URLs.

Use Lots Of Images

Images are a good way to break your content into easily digestible morsels.

“Easily digestible” here means that using images easily break your content into easily understandable parts.

Images are a good way to make people understand better than written content.

Include a lot of Images with your content to illustrate your opinions better.

Increase Social Counts

Increase your website social shares by placing the right sharing options at the right spot.

Place sharing options like click to tweet at somewhere around your content and placing facebook ” click to share button ” at the end of the post.

Or it depends totally on you and your content wherever you feel to put social options put them there. Place somewhere, where the navigation is a bit easier.

Increase your social counts by this SEO Tip.

Divide Partition

I know content creation with lot of keywords and lot of word count is hard.

But how’s it if you share some part of your content with another person to write.

Collaborate with other people to build an awesome piece of content, this usually happens when writing case studies.

Use Keyword in first 100 words

This is the SEO tips many SEO’s would recommend you to go for.

If you are on Yoast SEO, it would keep telling you to include the keyword in first paragraphs in Yoast SEO side first paragraphs mean the first hundred words of your content.

Google take it might seriously.

Focus on Keyword Frequency

Keyword Density is an old school SEO factor.

And guess what, Google doesn’t look more on keyword density.

It’s the time to use keyword frequency which means the frequency of your keyword the more it is the more chances are for you to rank in Google.

Use your keyword few times in your article forgetting keyword density.

Privacy, Disclaimer Are Required

Write the page about privacy, disclaimer and terms and conditions in your blog.

If you don’t have one, I prefer you to write some.

privacy policy, disclaimer policy

It’s not direct to SEO at any point but it may help you to decrease bounce rate, some people are used to seeing the disclaimer, privacy page and terms and condition page so if you don’t have one they will consider your website as not legit.

Remove Stop Words From Slug

Many SEO’s says to remove stop words from slug and Yoast SEO plugin too says this same thing although it’s not yet proven.

They also say Stop words hurt SEO although it’s not completely yet true.

Read more about stop words here.

Optimize Products

If you are on e-commerce platform along blogging you should optimize every product page belonging to any of the categories.

You should optimize it as it an article.

Include lot of keywords within content, title tags, descriptions.

Make High-Quality Backlinks.

This is one of all time favorite SEO TIP. There are many free and premium software’s and various services which try to give backlinks by a number of ways but they all are bots generated and they might not be high quality and authoritative.

Even, At the starting of my blogging journey I bought some backlinks for $5 service which although increased my website traffic but guess what after sometimes I found them that they all were bot generated, low-quality backlinks which doesn’t increase my website traffic they generated bot traffic for my website which wasn’t good for my Adsense ads and was just a waste of time and money it doesn’t generated some outcome.

There are many free and premium software’s which tend to generate backlinks from their own system but they all are bot generated itself and aren’t high-quality backlinks which increase website traffic.

The backlinks which are handmade they only offer an increase in search engine rankings.

One of the easiest way for getting quality backlink is blog commenting in which you do prepare 2-4 lines for impressing the author for his or her work and at the last a line dedicating your site which you will be using to make backlink for example:[ I am a reader on daily basis onto your blog I love to read each and every line of your blog posts and I almost read 100 articles on your blog which do really help me a lot in getting the results. I’ve made a website [Here Comes Your WebSite Link] which is highly inspired from your tricks, which categorizes in SEO, Blogging, Make Money Online, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing.

Another method of making backlinks is getting them from Social Media by just following this method.

  • Find a Group or Page which is relevant to your niche and join that group or page.
  • Be there for some time and increase their passion by liking and commenting.
  • After some time when successfully build some trust Start Posting your site’s post links there.

In this way, you can get some high-quality backlinks to increase your website traffic.

Get Found On Local Maps

If your website is for local purpose such as selling some vegetables locally than this SEO tip would surely increase your locality and website traffic.

Let’s say I have a business on loafer shoes in the city new jersey so If someone would search for loafer shoes in new jersey so Google will get a clue to display my website in Google as it’s in new jersey.

You can localize your business by registering to Google Maps here.

33. Title Tag Should Be Under 60 Characters

Google uses to limit the title tag to show in the search results.

Google shows 512-pixels of the title tag in search results.

Whereas the 512-pixels means only 60 characters to show in the search results. So always make the titles under 60 characters .

Write Actionable Titles

Google displays 10 websites on search results.

It’s on user on which he would click. The most likely he or her would click on the title which is actionable which shows some trust.

Therefore, article titles are also a powerful way to drive traffic to your website.

Write titles that actually generate traffic for example ” Incredible Blogging Tips- Take Your Blog From Zero To Hero ” isn’t it a cool headline.

Here are some websites which will generate article headlines that actually generates traffic.

Here are some blog title’s generated by these tools.

icon-thumbs-o-up  10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Seo Tips
  27 Things About Increase Website Traffic Your Boss Wants To Know
  3What Will Seo Tips Be Like In 100 Years?
  4The History Of Increase Website Traffic
  510 Signs You Should Invest In Seo Tips

Use A Lot Of Outbound Links

Linking out to some relevant content helps to boost search engine rankings and guess what Google also may look for it carefully so always link out to some high authority websites.

Include some high authority outbound links to such as in the content.

Everything is fine under SEO, but overuse doesn’t works so be careful.

Modify Your Title Tag To The Best

Title tag modifiers are the key phrases which are usually inserted at the beginning of the title tags.

Here are some title tags modifiers.

  • Best.
  • Review.
  • Present Year.
  • Checklist.
  • Course.
  • Complete Tutorial.
  • Complete Guide.

Find .edu Backlinks Opportunities

The sites which have .edu backlinks shows some higher search engine rankings than any other.

Why .edu backlinks?

.edu backlinks give some authority to your site throughout which Google gets a clue to rank your website higher among the sites which doesn’t have .edu backlinks.

How to find .edu backlinks opportunities?

There are number of ways through which you can find .edu backlinks opportunities and some of them are given follow. “forums register” “register iam over 13 years of age forum” “discussion board register” “bulletin board register” “message board register” “phpbb register forum” “punbb register forum” “forum signup” “vbulletin forum signup” “SMF register forum” “register forum Please Enter Your Date of Birth” “forums – Registration Agreement”

Just type any of them in Google search bar and get instant opportunities to increase your website traffic.

Regular SEO Audits

This SEO tip helps to fix SEO and other related errors on your site and helps to create a better site.

For SEO auditing I use RavenTools which is an excellent tool which provides all the errors which needed to be fixed urgently.

A proper site without any SEO errors tends to rank higher in search results.

Fix Canonicalization

Fix your site canonicalization issues.

You, choose www or not but having the domain name with www should redirect to your blog for example our domain name is in which we have installed WordPress but typing our domain name with should redirect you to

I prefer you to use a non-www domain name as it is good for SEO.

Make PR10 Backlink on Google

It’s a very good way to make pr10 high quality on Google by uploading some .txt file on Google Drive.

The files you’re gonna upload on your Google Drive account is the notepad text files which will contain your site’s link.

After Uploading the text file be sure to set it to public if you don’t do so you’ll not be able to make high quality backlink so remember whenever you upload the text it should contain your site’s link and it must be set to public.



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