Keyword Researching and Keyword Discovering is one of the most crucial factors which determines the organic traffic of your site and even if the keyword research is done in the best manner as a blogger should do it, then it may bring a flood of organic traffic onto your site.

Want to know the #1 secret of successful bloggers?

Guess what they use the advantage of keyword research tools and they prepare a solid Search Engine Optimization strategy along with generating the least competition keywords which can only be generated if you generate and research the keywords using the best keyword research tools yet in the industry and that’s what all about we’ll gonna talk about in this particular article.

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This tutorial contain’s the best keyword research tools yet in the industry along with the pros and cons and basically what I do personally like about these wonderful tools for generating keywords.

Pro Tip: LSI keywords are likely to be noticed in search engines according to some researches, below is a good result of targeting LSI keywords rather than targeting normal keywords.

keyword research tools

Below is an excellent result of targeting LSI or long tail keywords on your articles.

What You Will Learn?

  • Best keyword research tools yet in the industry.
  • What do I like the most of these tools and dislike?
  • Free and premium both keyword research tools.

Best Keyword Research Tools

 icon-star Easy To Use Keyword Research Tools |   Best Keyword Research Tools Yet In The Industry

#1: Google Keyword Planner [Free]

keyword research tools

Google keyword is the most favorable keyword research tool for newbies as it’s interface is very easy to use and almost all keyword research tool is based on the database of Google’s Keyword planner. It gives the estimated traffic result of a particular keyword you searched along with many keyword related ideas it’s also free to access so you don’t require anything more than your Google Account.

What I Like About This Keyword Research Tool?

 icon-thumbs-up  It gives many niche related ideas which do further help to get post ideas.

   It is the perfect keyword research tool for beginners to enter in the industry.

   It shows monthly results.

What I do not like about this Keyword research tool?

 icon-thumbs-down This tool is particularly created for advertiser’s but still provide a great information.

  The results show the competition among advertiser’s not among the search results.

#2: [eafl id=1128 name=”LongTailPro” text=”LongTailPro”] [Paid]

keyword research tools

Long Tail Pro is the best long tail keyword research software used by 70,000+ Marketers and SEO’s in the world so it has something in it that’s why 70k+ Marketer’s and SEO’s uses this software. Long Tail Pro is particularly used for finding and researching on long tail keywords and it does generate a hell lot of long tail keywords. It also became more accurate since the all new majestic updates it Long Tail Pro is although free for few days and you can get your free copy from [eafl id=1128 name=”LongTailPro” text=”here”].

What I Like About This Keyword Research Tool?

  It generates a lot of long tail keywords related to the seed keywords.

  It shows the Avg Keyword competition among the search results for each particular keyword.

  It helps to filter the results while researching for keywords basically it has Real-Time Filtering.

  What I do not like about this tool.

   It requires more time than compared to other tools.

   It also requires your Google Credentials to access AdWords keyword planner data.

#3: [eafl id=894 name=”Semrush” text=”Semrush”] [Paid]

keyword discovery tools

SemRush is an all in one Search Engine Marketing tool used for various purposes such as Analytics report, Complete Keyword Research Tools, etc. It’s also used for finding High CPC keywords which do give high as $50 per click. It is one of the most preferable keyword research tool from search engine marketers and provides seamlessly accurate data. Semrush provide a 14-day free trial which you can get by clicking here.

What I Like About This Keyword Research Tool?

  It provides accurate keyword competitiveness.

  It helps to see the exact Cost Per Click of a particular keyword from a visual of a publisher.

What I do not like about this tool.

  You, cannot generate data of rather than 2-3 keywords per day in free trial although in premium you can.

  Price’s are really high.

#4: [Free]

keyword discovery tool

Keyword tool is a free alternative to Google Adwords keyword planner and kinda similar to it. It generates long tail keywords related to your seed keywords. It’s a great tool for generating unique keywords and if found any keyword you can research it and sometimes that keyword competition would not more than 40 and the golden feature is it do also provide keywords not only from Google but also from Bing, YouTube, Amazon, App Store.

What I Like About This Keyword Research Tool?

  It provides a lot of keyword as a free account subscriber.

  It does also provide question keywords.

What I do not like about this tool.

  It does not provide search volume, CPC, Competition in a free account although it does provide in the premium account.

  The design is too basic.

  Pro account is required to see CPC, Competition, and Search Volume.

#5: KwFinder [Free]

keyword research tools

Kwfinder is a decent keyword research tool for generating long tail keywords from your seed keywords it does also prove very nice and easy to use, user-friendly interface along with keyword competitiveness for each particular keyword. KwFinder also helps to see the search volume for a keyword within the local city or globally.

  What I Like About This Keyword Research Tool?

  Nice interface although very user-friendly.

  Relatively Fast in generating Keyword Competitiveness, Long Tail Keywords.

  Get keywords from a particular city to get dine more precisely.

  Comparatively low priced.

What I do not like about this tool.

  Searches cannot go more than 5 in 24 hours with a free account.

  Only 5 keyword difficulty could be evaluated per 24 hours.

#6: Uber Suggest [Free]

keyword research tools

Uber suggest is a free basic keyword research tool that gives quite many keywords comparatively to some other tools it simply appends the keywords to the seed keywords and finally generates it to A-Z, 1-10. This Keyword Discovery Tool helps to generate a lot of long tail keywords at a time, therefore, helps you to discover LSI Keywords for your niche.

This Keyword Discovery Tool also helps to get many blog post ideas.

What I Like About This Keyword Research Tool?

  Generates a huge number of LSI keywords.

  Research could be done by clicking on arrow sign.

What I do not like about this tool.

  Doesn’t generate data on Keyword Competitiveness and Search Volumes.

  Require’s another tool to check potential and competition for the keywords generate by this keyword discovery tool.

#7: Jaxxy [Free]

keyword discovery tools

Jaaxy is a free keyword research tool which doesn’t rely on Google database it do have it own algorithms for doing keyword discovery and that’s the best part of using this keyword discovery tool.

How Jaxxy Algorithm works?

  • Avg: The average number of searches that per keyword tends to receive.
  • Traffic: The visits which you’ll get if you get on the first page.
  • QSR: Quoted Search Results, these are the numbers which tell how many websites are currently ranked for that keyword.
  • KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator tells the competition of that particular keyword.
  • SEO: It’s the score based on search engine competition, the higher the score is, the higher chances will be there to rank your site for that keyword.

What I Like About This Keyword Research Tool?

  Doesn’t rely on Google Databases.

  Doesn’t provide CPC data.

What I do not like about this tool.

  It may not get handy for blogger’s who want to rank for Google Search Results as it doesn’t rely on Google.

  The free version is limited

#8: Keyword Revealer [Free]

keyword research tools

It’s a fast easy keyword research tool it has many features such as Keyword brainstorming, Rank Tracker and Rapid keyword research. Keyword Revealer also guarantees to discover low-competition keywords this keyword research tool depend on 4 simple tactics that are Research –> Discover –> Evaluate–> Rank, to satisfy the client.

What I Like About This Keyword Research Tool?

  Easy to use and works fast.

  Provide’s data related to CPC.

  Difficulty level is very useful in deciding to target that keyword or not.’

What I do not like about this tool.

  Fewer keywords result comparatively to AdWords keyword planner and Long Tail Pro.

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  1. Hi there Sarthak.

    I think that you covered the most insane tools for keyword research.

    For the moment I’m using Google Keyword Planner (GKW) to check for search competition and suggested bid.

    I also use forums threads as a keyword research tool.

    However, keep up the good work.


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