Many of the bloggers may have their crucial source of income from AdSense and which is the only most popular advertisement program from Google. By default, AdSense is not optimized to get you more money come out from your blog. So, today we are going to discuss the best practices to be done to optimize your AdSense account to serve the best high Cost-Per-Click Ads and increase the revenue by 90%.

How This Works?

Basically, this AdSense optimization tutorial includes all the method which are super effective and will be guaranteed to increase your AdSense Revenue by just editing some of the settings where a basic user doesn’t look onto. While in this method we look onto the AdSense account technically and professionally to help us to increase AdSense revenue.

Will It Heart AdSense policies?

The answer is no, optimizing AdSense does not affect AdSense program policies because we aren’t doing any blackhat or illegal stuff and we are doing all the things in a legal manner and basically we are changing some settings out there which after can increase your AdSense Revenue.

How To Increase AdSense Revenue

So here we begin some with some of the best AdSense Optimization techniques to ridiculously increase revenue through it and if you do the all the things properly as described you would increase your revenue by 90%.

Use Keywords That Give High CPC

This is one of the most important method which should should be done to increase Adsense revenue. A well-researched article with tons of keywords always tends to rank higher in search engines in term’s of a single keyword focused article and if they aren’t of high CPC and have higher competition than it would make not even a single sense and if you do write on a low competition keyword article, that could make you rank higher in search engines.

To rank higher on search engines and as well as to increase your Adsense revenue you should try [eafl id=1128 name=”LongTailPro” text=”LongTailPro”] and [eafl id=894 name=”Semrush” text=”Semrush”] which are the best keyword research tools there out in the industry and the tools that I personally use and recommend you to go for.

increase adsense revenue

LongTailPro: It is the best software for generating long tail keywords or LSI keywords and that’s what I like the most about this tool and it got even more cooler since the new majestic updates. Long tail keywords are more searched than normal keywords and also has some kind of low competition.  [eafl id=1128 name=”LongTailPro” text=”Click Here To Try LongTailPro”].

SemRush: The best search engine marketing tool which I use to find the high-Cost-Per-Click keywords and analyze the competition for that particular keyword in the search results from this awesome tool. [eafl id=894 name=”Semrush” text=”Click Here To Try SemRush.”]


AdWords Keyword Planner: This is also a keyword research tool from Google which helps to analyze the competition between the buyers for a particular keyword and also helps in generating a ton of keywords which may sometimes be useful to generate seed keywords.

Targeted Traffic Increases CPC

AdSense ADs perform the best in tier 1 targetted countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Canada which gives as high as up to $1 per click and if that traffic is from INDIA the Cost Per Click would be as low as $0.10 or $0.11 so that’s the biggest advantage of targeting your site to a particular country, it also helps to increase your website’s rank also and it also helps to get more targetted readers onto your article’s that will help you to build relevant audience and will be increasing sales.

Google Webmaster Console when assigned for a website by its owner, is default set to target your website worldwide so by changing it to a particular country we can change the target audience of the website.

Steps To Target Your Site To Tier 1 Countries To Increase Adsense Revenue.

  • Log onto your Webmaster dashboard.
  • Now click on International Targeting under search traffic.

increase adsense revenue

  • Now just tap “Target users in” Tier 1 countries; Note: If you want to increase your AdSense revenue it’s recommended you to target your website in the countries in which your content and blog is relevant to especially in tier 1 countries which do really give high CPC.

increase adsense revenue


Making Relevant

When it comes to increasing AdSense revenue we could not leave without making AdSense account relevant to your blog so it would stop displaying useless Ads which aren’t relevant to your niche and doesn’t match to your blog.

Basically, in this method we will exclude all the categories which aren’t useful to increases AdSense revenue and doesn’t match your niche. Being a blogger You, may have seen Unmatched Adsense Ads on your blog that doesn’t match your blog niche and that’s the main reason, your Adsense Ads CPC is less. We can easily exclude all the categories which aren’t relevant by simply going to the AdSense Dashboard and tapping on Allow & Block Ads and that’s where you can tap on general categories, now we can block the categories which aren’t reliable to your blog niche this method is termed to increase your Adsense revenue by 40-60% easily.

Right Ads Placement.

This is one of the most crucial factors which depends on your Adsense revenue and if the right placement is been made as been described in this article then you are guaranteed to increase Adsense revenue. In this part of this tutorial, we will include all the important Google Adsense guidelines that will work the best to increase CPC and CTR with also keeping user friendliness in mind.

Let me introduce you some of the best Ads sizes which do perform well in terms of CPC and CTR.

  • 728*90: Leaderboard
  • 300*250: Medium Rectangle
  • 336*280: Skyscraper

Always place 3*Ads in your pages so that it could be easily blended with your theme and would not make any problem for the user’s to access your web pages and therefore it would be moreover called as user friendly web page although you may place Ads between content but you shouldn’t mix Ads with important pages where traffic is more comparatively than any other post such as about page which should be very pretty and clean with Ads placement so it would not force visitor to close your site and jump onto another site.

Many newbies place wrong Ads Placement on their blogs so following this tutorial will perfectly know them how Ads are been used not only to decrease user experience but also to keep nice user experience with keeping High CPC ads simultaneously.


Block Low CPC Advertisers

In this method we will block some of the low CPC advertisers URL’s which CPC are very low as Adsense allow users to block Ads from a specified network it could also be identified by noticing the traffic and noticing the Ads revenue, so blocking that URL will surely help you to increase Adsense revenue. In this step, we do have a list of advertiser URLs which we will paste on Adsense block advertisers URLs feature just follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Login to your AdSense Dashboard.

Step 2: Tap on Allow & block Ads which will be at top right.

increase adsense revenue

Step 3: Tap on Advertiser’s URLs and paste all the URLs from a list here.

increase adsense revenue


After pasting all the URLs in the box, tap on Block URLs that sit now we have blocked low CPC Advertiser’s URLs to increase AdSense revenue.

I hope these methods will work for you to increase Adsense revenue as these methods 100% proven methods from experts.


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