Xfinity Wifi is the nation’s largest Wi-Fi hotspot internet service which provides exclusive access to thousands of Comcast hotspots worldwide. And guess what it’s easier and totally safe to connect Xfinity public hotspots. Xfinity Wifi is Comcast company.

So in this tutorial, we will understand how to login Xfinity wifi service worldwide method just follow the steps below if you have activated your account, if not first activate it.


If you own an Android device, this section of the tutorial will be for you. So, to log in to Comcast’s Xfinity wifi service, firstly go to settings and then tap on wifi which will be in the middle top.

After going to the wifi settings, tap and connect to Xfinity wifi, it’s open, so you don’t need to enter the password, just connect.

ios_android_xfinity _screen


After connecting, there will be a Xfinity wifi login page but if you are not automatically redirected there then, Open your browser that is Safari, Chrome, etc.

And type and search for any URL then you will be redirected to a page similar like one below.


Now, enter your Comcast’s username, and password also type ” Name this device ” field, then press sign in if you have entered all the details correctly, then you’ll be redirected to Xfinity wifi homepage from there you can browse your favorite websites.

Additional Step for iOS: You, might have to enter the Pincode at the time of connecting to your private home Xfinity Wifi system.

The Pincode had affixed at the bottom of the wireless station gateway, after few minutes you should be redirected to Xfinity wifi login now sign on the page by entering all the details correctly. This step may be repeated to connect.

How To Login Xfinity Wifi On PC

Connecting to Xfinity Wifi is as simple as connecting to any other Wifi’s.

Although, Firstly go to your PC settings then tap on  “network & internet “settings. Tap on wifi and search for your home Xfinity wifi name, after finding it click on connect.


Now, you have to enter the Pincode, enter it and connect to it, after a few seconds you should be connected to Xfinity wifi.

How To Find Xfinity Hotspots Locations

To find hotspot location, Comcast had made a very useful tool which let you find Xfinity hotspot locations. Here is the link for that tool. Simply enter the City name, address, state or zip code in the search bar which is located at the top. After filling information tap on go, now you will have a sneak peak of hotspot locations.

FAQs About Comcast’s Xfinity Wifi

Here are some FAQs.



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