There were times when the power of ‘Video Marketing’ was just being discussed, but I think now is the perfect time to actually employ this powerful digital marketing tool into your business promotional campaign. Over the past few months, video marketing has already gained huge momentum, and almost every big to a medium company have adopted this tool to market their business and target the relevant audience.

This must have brought your focus towards the thought that why video marketing is so good for your brand? On a clear note, promoting businesses through videos is one of the most powerful ways in digital marketing industry. While this is definitely a major reason to adopt this tool in your business promotion strategy, the other reasons are you can really catch a good position for your business on search engine rankings. I am talking about almost all of the search engines.

Video can help you transfer more volume of information to your audiences as compared to the text data. Even a 2-3 second video shoot can create an emotional contact with the viewer. This has been proved by the data collected by a reputed ad marketing agency for last six months. According to their report, almost 87% of viewers have responded well to even videos created for as less or equal to 5 seconds. If you are still not satisfied then you must check the below section!

Video Marketing – The Hottest Trend!

Before I introduce to you the benefits of video marketing for your business brand, I thought that you must be aware of the fact that almost 72% of businesses have started using this promotional tool for their business. Another fact revealed by Wyzowl statistics, supporting the above statement is that almost 66% of these businesses were not using video marketing as a promotional tool a year ago.

Definitely, this supports the truth that video marketing is the newest additions in the business promotion toolbox, and if you are not using it then it is just your loss. Let me also clear you that you don’t have to create expensive videos to boost your business credibility as even simple videos can also bring you great returns. Video marketing is a profitable and versatile digital marketing tool that can add great difference to your business. You must try it not just because everyone else is doing it, but because of countless benefits that it can bring to you.

Power of Video Marketing – Why you should go for it!

  1. Google Adores Videos

As I told you earlier, Video Marketing is the most trending marketing tool these days, but there is something more than this. Videos can actually allow you to increase the overall time spent by viewers on your site, and longer exposures would signal search engines about the good content of your site. According to latest whopping statistics, you can increase the total time spent by a visitor to your site through videos by almost 53 times.

Also, since YouTube is now a part of Google, so if you have a video on your site then it would definitely create a difference in your search engine ranking. The important thing for you to remember is to make sure that your videos are optimized for SEO. Writing relevant descriptions and interesting titles, adding back links to your site and products, can all give your business more potential leads than otherwise.

  1. A Great Way to Increase Sales and Conversions

If you have landed in the market to make some serious money then video marketing can help you to great extent. Adding your product or service details in the video on your website page can boost conversions by almost 77%. Even our team confirms that videos are more watched elements than any other business promotional tool, regardless of its category.

Videos can even result in direct sales. If your video is exciting, attracting and informative then no one can stop you from selling to more numbers of customers. As per recent studies, vision creates a greater impact on mind and action than other senses of the body.

  1. Videos Deliver Greater ROI

You would be more excited to know that around 73% of businesses confirm that videos deliver them better return on investment. It is true that video production is not a simple task and to some extent nor the cheapest, but it pays big over time. There are but, certain online video editing tools that are constantly becoming affordable, and so you can create a video that is pretty much attractive.

Also, it is not necessary that your videos must be perfect. Even for videos, the content is the king! Make sure that your video has rich content even if it has low quality and simple design.

  1. Mobile Users Get Fascinated with Videos

Mobiles and videos go hand in hand. A sample survey conducted for the past two years reveal that viewers watching videos on mobile have more than doubled than the past number. It is because the volume of smartphone users has increased, and more number of people prefers watching videos on their phone. So with increase in the total number of smartphone users, the number of people watching videos on mobile has also increased massively, and businesses are only required to make best use of it.

  1. Videos Build Credibility and Trust

Trust is the ground basis for converting any visit into potential leads and sales. Building trust and long-term relationships with the customers must be the ultimate goal for any organization, and this you can do by offering your viewers with interesting and useful content.

Video is a single solution to all issues related to building trust and credibility among customers. Video content is more engaging and ignites emotions fast than any other modes of promoting. If you intend to target the elite class of audiences then you must showcase your videos on reputed online platforms, such as YouTube. A large number of consumers still fear of online shopping as they don’t want to get cheated. Effective promotional videos can present your product in a reliable way that can increase conversions rate. It is because videos offer customers with confidence to purchase online.

  1. Videos are More Engaging

A video is not just an excellent tool to showcase your product, but even it is the most convenient form of content to be digested by the consumers. With busy lifestyles, very fewer numbers of people have enough time to read long product descriptions or content related to services. Modern buyers are looking for products in action and this is one of the core aspects of a video.

Video marketing can gather an extensive range of audience and that too on varying levels. Even the laziest buyer can be brought to purchase your products through an effective video. All you need to do is make sure that you target right group of audience and deliver quality information to them.

  1. Online Videos can Help You Reach Wider Audience

According to the reports of 8th Annual Social Media Marketing Industry Program, Michael Stelzner confirmed that almost 61% of social marketers employed video content in 2015 and 74% of the total respondents used it by 2016. This is a clear indicator of the fact that videos are most shared contents on social channels, and hence, you can reach a much wider audience with this promotional tool.

Even social networks are encouraging video content with their novel features. Instagram showcases 60-second Videos and stories. Facebook has introduced 3600 new videos, Life stage (A video-based app), YouTube ranks the second position among the most popular social networks in the world, and Twitter has introduced Periscope, a platform the share videos.

However, you need to note this down that social platforms prefer sharing videos that have a strong emotional basis and are entertaining. You can, therefore, create entertaining videos that would increase traffic to your website, and you can gain better ROI from there.

  1. Videos Enhance Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still, one of the most powerful marketing tactics available to marketers. As confirmed by recent reports, emails always deliver higher returns on investment as compared to other marketing tools, followed by quality SEO. If you are looking for solutions that can actually double your returns then videos can make it happen. A quality video can boost email click-through by 200 to 250%, and even more, ensure that your email marketing campaign gets maximum ROI.

  1. Videos Give an Interactive Face to your Brand

Videos can make your online promotional program more interactive as viewers love to comment and reply on videos, and this can help you learn better about your consumers. Response and comments based videos can give you a clear idea about your client’s preferences, and you can reform your solutions and services on the basis of needs and feedback. This would also boost trust building among your clients.

  1. Video Improves SEO

Search engines are always searching for quality content that is engaging and worth higher ranking, and there is no better way to boost search engine engagement than video. According to Forrester Research, the presence of a video on a web page makes it 50 percent more likely to appear on the first page of Google than otherwise. Although, there might be slight fluctuations in this percentage, but the ultimate principle is same that video increases search ability on the content. Some of the major advantages of video marketing in SEO are – Enhanced on-page time, more number of inbound links, more probability of showcasing unique content, and higher click-through rates from the Search.

Video marketing, although not so affordable, is becoming a widespread tool for business promotion. With advanced technologies and creativity, you can build conveniently a video that is effective and engaging. If you seriously want to create a stronghold in the online business world, then employ video marketing tool right now!


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