solar power system

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss about using solar energy and how it’s converted into electricity for domestic use. We all know that major source of energy today is fossil fuel which is not renewable and the other one is the hydro power which is not easy to generate.

Solar energy is very good alternative energy which can be used instead of electric supply from a grid. Solar energy is also known as clean energy because it does not create any kind of pollution

On domestic level solar energy can be used easily to lift water, to heat water, to cook food and above all to generate green electricity. The most common and regularly required energy for home is electric energy.

A photovoltaic cell is a medium which converts solar energy into electric energy which can be directly used to run our domestic appliances such as fans, lights, TV etc. through the inverter or can be stored into batteries for further use.

In the day time, we can generate 60-70% electric energy required to run our domestic appliances using a solar power system. A home solar power system consists of a Solar photovoltaic panel, Inverter, Charge controller and Batteries. Nowadays most of the houses are already equipped with Inverter which is the half part of this system.

Diy Solar Power

You can also build your own solar panels, to make Solar Panel yourself or DIY Solar panels you need to have SPV panel and a charge controller.

The solar power system is easily available in the market, You can get it installed by a professional or do it yourself using available Solar DIY kits, These kits are very easy to install as they come with complete material and installation guide.

Life Span Of Solar Systems?

Generally, the lifespan of batteries used with the inverter is approximately five years,but the solar power professionals claim battery life 10 to 12 years when charged by SPV panels.

The life of SPV panels is claimed 25 years which is a very long span. One can save a good amount of money by using solar energy.

Advantages of solar power system

  • Solar energy is available free of cost throughout the day from sunshine to sunset.
  • 60 to 70% of power consumption is during the day time which means a huge cutoff in the power bill.
  • As the system does not create any kind of pollution producing clean or green energy.

Disadvantages of solar power system

  • This system generates energy only in day time which means you have to shift to grid supply or energy stored in batteries during night.
  • The system does not work properly during rains.


Solar energy is the most abundant power source on earth which would not be going to finish so fast.



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