A good portable steam cleaner provides complete and universal cleaning package in an handheld package.

We used and researched on couples of dozen portable steam cleaner to find the best ones on the market, while researching we kept user satisfaction rate, versatility, reliability and budget on our top check marks to accomplish a list a buyer can easily trust on. 

These are the cleaners which will not only help you to clean your home but will give you a advantage of carrying it with you on the go and to clean wherever you feel, this guide will help you to pick the right handheld steam cleaner according to your needs.

Best Portable Steam Cleaners

Wanna know which handheld portable steam cleaner is best? the answer is right below.

ProduTrend Portable Steam Cleaner

produtrend portable handheld steamer

This handheld steamer dimensions are 10x9x5.8 inches, it weighs around 4.3 pounds which is equivalent to 1.95 kg. It includes 9 accessories and 1,050 watt system with 10-feet power cord.

The essential accessories included with this portable steam cleaner are, ​fabric nozzle, straight nozzle, a flexible hose, an angled nozzle, a funnel, a measuring cup, a round brush, a tool for cleaning windows it's like a wiper and a fabric nozzle cloth.

The cap which you have to pull off to put some water which is around 175 ml in is very hard and it may become difficult sometimes for some persons to take this cap off.

Heating 175-ml of water took around 2-3 minutes to heat up which is average for an handheld steam cleaner.

​Cleaning various types of surfaces like flooring tiles, ceramics, glass door or any other shiny surface and guess what it did a good job in all these surfaces.

The steam time of this steamer is pretty low only about 13-15 minutes and it may be disgusting refilling it again and again for some people.


  • Portable
  • Reasonable price
  • Long cord sufficient for large rooms
  • Very hot steam, easily cracks of hard stains


  • Steam time is very low
  • Cap is very hard to unscrew

Comfortday Handheld Portable Steam Cleaner

comfortday best portable handheld steamer

This is one of the best portable steam cleaner, and one of the most cheapest one in this list. The comforday handhelp multi-purpose pressurized steam cleaner can be taken room to room or places to places.

It delivers very hot steam which is as high as 270 degrees, this high temperature can easily pick off any kind of stain or dirty marks but be careful as it could damage some low quality material and it comes with some essential tools out of the box that are useful for cleaning upholstery.

As I said this portable steam cleaner comes with several tools that are really helpful while cleaning. Some of the accessories it comes with is a bent spray nozzle, window cleaning add on, a flexible extension hose, fabric steaming add on and a brush nozzle.

It weight about 4 pounds which is about 1.8 kg ,the dimensions of this cleaner are 11.5 x 9.8 x 6.1 inches it is very lightweight so you can carry it easily and it's even more cooler as it has a 9.5 foot cord for electricity supply, which will help you to move it around the room easily with a single power outlet.

This handheld steam cleaner might not be for you, if you are looking to handle some large projects with it, as this unit is a kind of small for that. Whereas it won't be a problem if you are looking to clean some small spots with it like a sofa or seats.


  • Comes with useful accessories out of the box
  • Very cheap without compromising quality
  • 20 minutes of steam
  • Very long cord


  • Small for large cleaning areas

Gideon Handheld Pressurized Portable Handheld Steam Cleaner

gideon handheld steamer

This handheld steam cleaner is colored in orange and black combination which seems to be very attracting, it is an 1,050-watt portable steamer having dimensions about 10.2x9.7x5.9-inches it weighs around 4.4 pounds which is equivalent to 1.99 kg almost 2 kg.

This portable handheld steam cleaner also include various accessories and has a 9-feet long power cord.

12 ounces of water can be easily filled on this steamer which can take up to 3 minutes to get super hot.

Taking rough stains off may need some extra time to get removed as the steam exerted by this steamer isn't as pressurized as other steamers exert but it can be taken for granted as the steam time of this portable stem cleaner is more than 20 minutes.

​This handheld steamer is also overpriced from it's competitors.

​Although, when put to work it did a great job but it took some extra time also.


  • 20-
  • 20-minutes of steam
  • Easy to move, very portable
  • Very long cord


  • Priced higher than other handheld steam cleaners
  • Steam pressure is not very high.

Xtech Electric Easy Handheld Steam Cleaner

xtech handheld portable steamer

​This portable steam cleaner comes with a easy to read user manual, water measuring cup, funnel for letting go down the water easily, terrycloth cover, bent spray nozzle with bristle brush, squeegee, flexible hose, long spray nozzle to go deeper on downs.

Removing the water cap can be tricky as in order to take off the cap, pressure is to be applied and then rotated anti-clockwise to open.

While checking the steamer, we found it to be taking exact 3 minutes of time to getting 10 ounces of water hot and that's what the capacity of this handheld steamer is.

While in action, this steamer seems to take actions on stains pretty quick and the reason behind it, is the very hot steam that exerts out of this steamer.

So, be sure to take care and watch yourself while using this steamer, be sure to read the user manual and read all the manufacture's instructions.

This portable steam cleaner is not as much compact as other's are and it's also a little bit expensive than others I believe that's because of the quality than can not be overlooked for sure.


  • Various surfaces can be cleaned quickly
  • Water capacity is good
  • Tough built therefore, durable


  • Taking off the refill cap can be irritating some times
  • Not as much portable as other steamers are
  • Little bit expensive than others

Dirt Devil Portable Steam Cleaner

dirt devil portable steam cleaner

This thing looks great in red color, it's even great when you come to unboxing of the steamer and notices various accessories that are upholstery brush, easy cleaning brush for dust, steam pad,brush for cleaning wire grills, a squeegee and a jet-tip extension to get in power mode.

The quantity of water which can fit in is 12 ounces around which is 340 ml, while other steamer took 2-3 minutes to get the water hot, well this steamer got the water hot in 4 minutes which is obviously more than others.

It isn't as much as hot enough as others are but perfect for some cleaning and sanitation I would say but if you are looking to take off very hard stains then this product may have a problem in cleaning it, it may take some more time than usual.

Jet-tip extension, the key tool which came with this product can help you to reach hard-to-reach areas of the house.

Well this product is reasonably prices and lightweight and quite easy to move.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can easily reach to hard-to-reach places by using jet-tip extension
  • Tough built therefore, durable


  • Takes more time than other to make the water hot
  • Limited attachments comes out of the box


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