YouTube is the biggest video platform in the world. A platform where anyone can view or share their videos for free and can even make a living out of it.


If you are reading this post, you must be looking for the right ways to step into becoming a professional YouTuber.


Rest assured, you shall gain some rightful insights on using the basic YouTube equipment for making professional quality videos without burning your pocket. So stick tight and read this post with an open mind if you want to save some quick bucks on your YouTube equipment.


There are basically 5 basic and important equipment you need to make professional videos for your YouTube channel.


Let’s get down to each of them and see why they are necessary.


  • Professional camera: Well, you can always use a smartphone camera for producing good videos these days (thanks to iPhone and Nexus). Although a good DSLR camera will always be your best investment in this business. The reason for this is quite simple.

The audience today has become more comfortable in watching HD videos rather than normal definition videos. It is thus necessary for you to provide them a clear visual appearance when they watch your YouTube videos. You can also read this detailed post by thetechswag for picking up the right camera according to your budget and need.

  • Microphone: Spending on a good budget microphone will add laurels to your channel. Believe me, audio and video go hand in hand. You can attain an outstanding video quality using an expensive DSLR but you will always need an external microphone for making the specific video come out in its full vigor and presence.

You can use a lavalier mic or a normal USB microphone that would cost you less than $100 and still produce outstanding and clear voice overs in your videos.

  • External Lighting: Well, if you are into producing online slideshow videos, you can skip this. Although, if you are shooting videos with live characters and objects, a good external light will be an added advantage.

This would be your go-to partner which will help you to manage your surrounding lighting conditions and come out with crystal crisp and bright videos for your audience.

  • Tripod: Another good equipment to hold your camera for extended stability and preventing any blurriness in the videos is the tripod.

You can even use a boom pole if you are shooting moving videos. Though, a tripod is a must for DSLR cameras as it prevents them from shaking.

  • Extra Batteries: Always and always have an extra pair of batteries be it the normal AA batteries or the camera batteries. Due to long hours of shooting or mis-planning, there may arise a situation when you would be needing extra batteries to keep your work going.


That’s it. Combining all the above equipment, you can get them from as less than as $500-$1000. Still, if you are planning to make it big in the YouTube segment, sooner or later you would be needing the above equipment for the professional feel in your videos.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short but informative post. Keep visiting for more such posts and don’t forget to share it with your budding wannabe YouTuber friends.

Do let us know in the comments if you are still skeptical about any of the above equipment.

Happy YouTubing J



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