In this tutorial, I am going to tell you how to unblock torrent sites in India and download torrent sites.

As being Indians we know that almost every Internet Service Provider such has started to block torrents sites.

how to unblock torrent sites in india

Though which we can’t download torrents in India.

If you were searching for how to unblock torrent sites, torrent sites blocked how to bypass or how to download torrents in India even after the ban then you have landed at the correct place.

Why Is Torrent Not Working In India ?

Torrent sites are not working in India due to copyright illegal sharing of content which was going on torrents sites and which grew even more since the leak of Udta Punjab and Kabali these movies were released illegally on torrents before the final release of the films. Due to which the filmmaker’s producers have to suffer from a big loss.

So the government took a step above and banned torrent sites in India and eventually all ISPs have to block torrent sites in India which led to no more torrenting in India.

But there’s a way to trick your ISP to show the torrent sites in India via VPN.

How To Unblock Torrent Sites In India ?

In this step, we will learn to unblock torrenting sites in India.First of all, we will need a VPN extension for accessing a torrent site. In this tutorial, we’ll take which is a blocked torrent site.

What is VPN ?

VPN refers to a virtual private network which is a private network that extends across the internet or a public network. A VPN enables users to receive and send data across the internet or public network as if their computing device is connected directly to a private network. VPN helps to surf anonymously and download anonymously.

Best VPN for torrenting ?

Here’s a list of best VPN for torrenting.

I personally recommend you to go for tunnel bear VPN service which is likely better and that’s what I personally recommend.

How To Unblock Extratorrents

In this tutorial we will take extratorrents as a blocked torrent site in India but this method can unblock all torrents sites which are block in India.

Basically there are two ways to access blocked torrents site such as extratorrents one is by a chrome extension holavpn or by a VPN service such as tunnel bear but as I said VPN extensions in browsers will only show you the torrent site which is blocked but it cannot give you the authority to download torrents anonymously so a VPN service is a must for downloading torrents anonymously.

How To Unblock Torrent Sites In India ?

Download and install tunnelbear, after installing it and before opening it close all browsers, open tunnelbear and signin with your email id and password. After Signing up a screen will appear with the names of different countries.

Select your desired country and tap on it  United States is recommended.

After 1-2 min depending on your internet speed you will be successfully connected to an anonymous VPN.

how to unblock torrent sites in india

Now, you can access torrent sites in India and you can download your desired torrent anonymously. But keep in mind whenever downloading torrent throughand torrent client you should switch on your VPN.

Now, you know how to unblock torrent sites in India easily if you get any problem just comment below I’ll be happy to help you.

Happy Torrenting!

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