Do you know SEO if yes so forget about it because it’s the time for NEW SEO which surely boosts blog traffic up-to x10.

What is NEW SEO?

NEW SEO is basically the newest version of SEO which includes all the guidelines released by the search engine and that is done whenever they embed a new tactic or algorithm to their search engine.

New SEO which 100% increases your blog or website’s traffic moreover read the full article to get understand.

Traffic is always been a big problem for all bloggers no matter if they are newbie’s or even a pro-bloggers because it really requires time and patience with heavy work on page and off page both. NEW SEO makes it a little much easier to get you grabbed by search engines by a short period of time and money.Everything in a BLOG needs to be set-up in a correct manner to get the most power of the SEO that gains the traffic.

The New SEO management should work in the following way.

A perfect SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION plan attracts search engine’s to get your blog rank higher in search engines which gets you high traffic that generates visitors that make unique visitors believe me unique visitors generate your AdSense clicks or Affiliate marketing leads.

In simple way the whole process go on in the following process.

SEO —-> SEARCH ENGINES —-> TRAFFIC —-> VISITORS —-> UNIQUE VISITORS —-> LEADS OR AdSense clicks(That Generate Profits).

We will go through the whole process to get the best profits that worth for your blog and blog posts.


First of all you need to know that, is your BLOG or WEBSITE is search engine friendly. It should follow all the guidelines of GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION GUIDE so we made this article based on these NEW SEO guidelines.

You can rank easily higher by taking care of these little things.

  • Give visitors the information they are looking for: You should only write on the things that the visitor is looking for don’t write rubbish things onto your blog, write unique that means you should write by your own, you shall collect information from the internet but don’t copy other’s post’s and stick it onto your blog. If you do the same GOOGLE  will surely sue you, that might result your site take-down or infringement as well the placeholder can fill up a DMCA(Digital Millennium Copyright Act) take-down form.

  • Mobile friendly website: It’s the time of 21st century and NEW SEO, where nobody is dependent on their computers they work and browse smarter by using a smartphone or a tablet so that’s why it’s important to optimize your blog to run on smartphones. Is your blog mobile friendly click here to check.
  • User friendly website: While placing Advertisements you should also take care of user and SEO because they both are important, No user or visitor wants to jump on an shabby looking website o when designing your website always take care of this thing.
  • Webmaster connected: In order to get your website and website’s each post fastly indexed you shall use this NEW SEO tool to be connected to all popular search engines webmaster console’s here are some of them you need to connect your blog on Google WebmasterYandex WebmasterBing Webmaster. Here is a tool where you can check your site indexing click here.

Add error 404 pages.

You might have heard about “error 404” custom pages if you not, let me get you understand them what they really are.

Error 404 page basically means that whenever a person clicks on a link that is not available in your website or might have broken.You should check for them once in a while by one of this tool.Make custom error 404 page. You can make your own custom 404 page by making your in html or designing it in Photoshop or even getting a pre designed for free from here.

Add Alt Tag in your images.

Always add an ALT tag in your images with your focused keyword. Which also makes even you rank higher in search engines for example your focused keyword is “BLOG TRAFFIC” and you have placed 10 images in your post with the focus keyword that means now you have 10% chances to rank higher.

You can easily add an alt tag by just few steps if you have an WordPress Blog you would just add an image and after it uploads just fill up the alt tag with your focused keyword. If you have HTML BLOG you would just enter  alt=”alt tag goes here with your focused keyword”.

Connect Your BLOG to Social Networks.

This is the thing in which most bloggers would fail. Connecting your blog to social network will surely help you to get high traffic and similarly leads. What you have to do is just make a FACEBOOK page, Google plus, or Twitter with your brand name. To share your blog post automatically to the social networks you need to set up Jetpack plug-in and connect it to your all social networks this will enable automatic post to social networks whenever you publish a blog post.

Social Networks help to gain traffic from people all over the world and therefore increase search engine ranking and simultaneously increasing your domain authority.

Write at least 750 words.

If you are using YOAST SEO plug-in you might have heard that it recommends you to write at least 300 words but it isn’t telling you correct the minimum words to get rank high in search engines is at least 750 words.

Include lots of keywords in your article that will improve your SEO as well as NEW SEO and that will also make your content more informative too; including too many keywords in your article means higher chances of ranking. You can even write up to 2000 or 3000 words for case studies or etc. That will surely rank you higher.

So always write long material to get the results.

A Perfect Keyword research.

A perfect keyword means that it should be of low competition with higher search terms and with higher COST PER CLICK that is CPC.

Finding a perfect keyword is the hardest part to find you can also pay to find keywords from freelancers in the price of $5 but if you don’t want to spend a dime more you should do a keyword research by free tools such as Keyword planner by GOOGLETraffic Travis, or such other keyword research tools.

Things to Remember while researching for a perfect keyword.

  1. Always search for a keyword that’s average monthly searches is as low as 1000 monthly searches for ex.
  2. Pick a keyword that’s competition is low.
  3. Pick a keyword that have a high Cost Per Click.
  4. One of the best free way to find keyword is by finding keywords from Long tail pro.

Do Guest Blogging to improve your SEO.

Guest blog basically means that you are making a post on other’s website by stating your name or blog name which makes high quality back links for ex you had publish a post on one website that website will get traffic and the visitors would be trying for more then they will click onto your website.There are also some rules followed by the website which offers guest blogging which you need to follow when writing an article for them.

Here is a list of the website’s which do offer guest Blogging which makes high quality traffic and back links.

  10. And even we too offers guest posting here.

Now what you have to do is just click any of them site below and find guest blogging then follow their guidelines and publish the post.

What if they rejected my post?

You have to prepare before only if they rejected the article to publish, whenever you write your article just copy it into ms word or any text editor. After that if they publish your article that’s great if not guest blog that article onto another website for guest blogging.

Don’t Buy Backlinks! Make them by your own.

If you are thinking to buy backlinks then forget your decision its totally wrong decision because they are only freelancers who offer backlinks at cheap price $5 or higher as the price is cheap the quality of the backlinks are also very cheap quality which however increases your traffic but they are not good as natural backlinks although they are made by an bot not manually.

Even I also bought backlinks at the first but after sometime. I found they are not genuine visitors they are from bot and not also generating leads as well as revenues. Although you can have SEO consultancy for your blog by an expert or can get a high price SEO packages for a month that worth buying.

Or even you can make the backlinks by your own by following the method.

  1. Find a niche related to your niche or find a blog post that is related to your article.
  2. Then what you have to do is just prepare 4-5 lines that are convenient to read although these are the lines from which you are supporting the author that your article is good to read and all about that.
  3. When you have prepared the lines just copy them and paste to the comment section of your niche related blog.
  4. Now people will come to that blog while reading that article they will come to end where they will find your link therefore they will click on your link.

It,s an easy method for gaining huge and quality traffic in small amount of time.


As to make easy to read content for visitors as well as search engine you need to make your blog in an well manner.

To make your blog in Search Engine Optimized Manner according to GOOGLE SEO GUIDELINES you need to follow some basics.

  1. It has been observed using the focused keyword in title,s will guaranteed to increase you traffic.
  2. You should use H1,H2,H3 with the focused keyword that’s a good way to keep your SEO on balance and the readability as well.
  3. Interlink your articles with other articles.
  4. Use small paragraphs.
  5. Add Image ALT tag with the focus keyword.
  6. Don’t use stop words in permalink.
  7. Write meta descriptions yourself including your focused keyword or Search Engines will take out meta descriptions by itself with the content.

Keep Updating Your Website daily.

Search engines love to show the daily updated Website’s and bringing them on the first page or even at the top 5 results of the page. So therefore Daily updating your articles or posts will surely rank you higher on search engines as result your blog posts will be on the first page of GOOGLE.

To maintain it you have to plan a strategic strategy keep your blog updated regularly update an article regularly for example My blog has 10 post so I will plan a routine for updating each post daily with the latest or edited information for 10 days; Whereas don’t change your permalink after the publishing your blog post because that will might heart your Search engine raking as well as NEW SEO too as a result a 404 page will be created as that page will not be indexed by the search engines.

By following these New SEO steps, will surely increase your traffic in a small amount of time.


SEO Infographic.

If you do not get understand, try this infographic maybe you are good at understanding some pictures.

how to increase trafic
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  1. I just read this article and I found this article is so useful.
    I want you to notify one thing about the article length which the trend have been changed to more than 1000Word articles will be given importance.

    Kindly mention other important SEO keypoints such as Rel=canonical , sitemap , Meta Robots , URL structure etc.

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