In this article we will talk about the best microphone for YouTubers.

Hello guys, the internet era is becoming more interactive and it's even more good when you know you can earn by showing off your knowledge and passion.

And when it comes to earning money online YouTube is one of them which comes on the top 5 make money online list and everyone comes to a initial situation when every YouTuber wants to upgrade their mic or want to purchase one to increase video quality and audio presence, so here we introduce the top five list of best microphone for YouTubers.

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​Best Microphone For YouTubers.

​Choosing the right mic is difficult! isn't it? 

In this top 5 list you'll come to know each mic detailed review in order to know which one's perfect for you.

Tonor Gold Professional Sound Podcast Studio Condenser Recording Microphone

tonor gold best mircophone for youtubers

This microphone is one of the cheapest one and we'll start the best microphone for YouTubers list from listing this microphone first.

This microphone is cheap and light, the vocal quality is good, but some thinness and the noise of moving air can be heard. But If you are looking for microphone with more weight this deal isn't for you then.

The quality of this microphone is not compromised either, ​it requires a 3.5 mm jack and it may be great for YouTubers who record from their smartphones. This mic is cheap and it provides a great quality although unmatched at this price.

​This USB microphone comes along a stand or you can say a microphone tripod which will help your mic to stand rightly according to your needs there is also a option for folding which will enable easy positioning to the vocal area and a plus for transportation as well.

One other reason that this is the best microphone for youtubers as this microphone is compatible on both Mac and Windows so there's no compatibility issues.

It's great for commentary whether you are doing it while playing a game or recording a soccer match, vlogging and much more you just have to be creative enough. People also use it for recording covers or music so yes, this microphone is also good for live vocals. I may say this microphone is best for youtube gaming.

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Apogee Mic 96k Microphone For YouTubers

apogee microphone for youtubers

Apgee Mic 96k is another best microphone for YouTubers, this microphone is best for recording vocals either if you are recording your voice near from a desk or holding in your hand.

The sound quality delivered by this microphone is excellent nearly like studio quality although you can improve it too through Audacity or any such music editor.​

​Yes, this mic also directly connects with Windows and Mac computers or any device having 3.5mm port can be used to get in play with this microphone. You, can also record audio from your smartphone easily.

​It also comes handy as this mic comes equipped with cardioid polar pattern with an easy USB connection for quick plug-n-plays.​

This microphone is well-built for recording but is a bit on expensive side although there's a plus of usage on both Mac and iOS compatibility.

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Focusrite Scarlett Studio Pack MicroPhone For YouTubers

focusrite scarelett best microphone for youtubers

​Focusrite has a solid reputation, and one of the oldest company when it comes to manufacuring mics since 1985. Every interface created by Focusrite has managed to provide the best in class sound quality along with competitive prices and most of times they are on sale.

​This microphone is best for those who are aiming to get the best sound quality in a tight budget. In this price range one may get an entry level interface or mic but this bundle is great for starters and gives a freedom to upgrade each item as you progress.

​This bundle is based around a 2i2 Scarlett audio interface, CM25 large diaphragm condenser microphone with a pair of HP60 headphone, which altogether is a great package and the microphone is best for YouTube.

​The headphones provided in the bundle is for studio-reference classed by Focusrite, the headphones do not glorify the sound too much. They are not cheap quality headphones with low-quality sound quality, they are well balanced at that's what you get integrated in the bundle. Although, the bundle is good and the microphone is best for YouTubers.

Rode NT1-A Professional Microphone

​This is another best microphone for youtubers this microphone is the most affordable entry-level condenser microphone with a complete pack of shock mount, cables and pop filter to get a better studio experience and for better sound recording obviously.

The recordings comes out through this microphone are very bright and excellent for acoustic guitars also a good microphone for vocals as the brightness of the audio can make it stand out.

But all of it, this microphone is not a usb mic, but it can be accepted as the quality of the microphone can easily make you forget about it.

But this microphone is one of our favorite one, although a high quality youtube mic that will help you to stand out from your competitor channels easily it offers tremendous vocal clarity and brightness but at the same time it may be too bassy for people having heavy voice.

The advanced functionalities if this youtube microphone and stable build makes it all happen, it is equipped with a one inch large capsule and allows cardioid polar pattern.

​Another fact which makes it the best mic for youtubers is that this microphone is extremely low noise mic which is only 5 dB of mic or self-noise that's it which makes excellent audio output.

As this microphone is not a usb mic so you'll either need phantom power or an audio interface to make it work.

Rode NT-USB Microphone for YouTubers

rode microphone for youtubers

The Rode NT USB microphone is a very good studio-quality USB microphone that is specifically aimed for youtubers.

It's a side address, cardioid USB microphone which can be directly connected to your computer to start recording for your vocals or acoustics easily.

It has an ability to capture audio at up to 16-bit/48kHz resolutions it also has an integrated headphone amplifier​ and 1/8" stereo headphone jack that allows monitoring.

There's no issues on compatibility too, it is compatible on both Mac and Windows.​

It comes with various equipment which makes it a solid solution for recording sound, what you are getting is a desk stand, pop filter, pouch for storing and USB cable.

All together a great combo package. The front unit 3.5mm stereo headphone jack that will ensure that there's zero latency to get great accuracy.​

This microphone is great for people who are looking to get a studio like experience at the ease of sitting in home and recording your vocals easily. If you want to record your ideas, vocals, or capture a live performance then this microphone is best for you!


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