Making money from the internet is now became easy. And one of the easiest way is by making micro niche sites under $60 including hosting and domain now earning $10k+ per month.

As we all know internet is full of opportunities and doing blogging is one of the easiest way to earn money online.The only misconception about blogging is that you have to work day and knight but that only matters if you are trying to create a brand or store online. But if you do simply want to earn some money over a short period of time then it’s nothing gonna be easy then building micro niche sites.

This is an detailed blueprint that I use for making micro niche sites.

What are Micro Niche Sites And What are the Potential of them?

Micro-Niche sites are the sites which are particularly focused on an single topic these sites are tend to make money in less amount of traffic. Micro-Niches sites perfectly add an extra amount to your monthly income these sites are targeted to a particular country thus bring quality traffic. After some Google Algorithm changes micro niche sites are observed to perform well.

These are basically of low and medium competition, in some niches finding an high cpc keyword can worth even$50 per click so imagine getting 10 clicks per day.

Let Me Explain You In More Detail.

Keyword Cost $50 per click getting 100 clicks per day; $50×10= $500 per day, $50×100×30= $1500 per month.

Finding Micro Niche.

This is the first step towards making an killer money making machine but the hardest one also. Finding a Micro niche take a deep research to get out, so finding them aren’t that much easy they take a lot of time.It took me more than 4 hours to find an single topic.For getting started you should look arround the resources you have first, maybee you,ll find an topic where nobody’s looking onto and that will create you a ton of profit..You can also get niche ideas from Clickbank. For researching I may strongly consider you to use [eafl id=894 name=”Semrush” text=”SemRush”]( For Keyword Researching and finding keyword competitiveness) and Long Tail Pro( To generate LSI or Long Tail Keywords of low competition that LSI Keywords are usually longer than medium size keywords for example “How to build a micro niche site”)

micro niche

Try [eafl id=894 name=”Semrush” text=”Semrush”] for free now!

Before you start research focus on these little things-

  • Niche Should be of high CPC.
  • Should be low competition.
  • Topic should be more popular in the countries like USA and UK, because we want quality traffic.
  • Search results under 3 lakh results for a particular keyword are strongly recommended.
  • Try to give more time in finding niche, either of writing first.
  • Always pick a niche that is relevant for you.

Lazy! Here are some examples of micro niches.

  • Baseball Gloves.
  • HD movies download.
  • Bitcoins.
  • Free Game Cds.

Buying Keyword inserted Domain and Hosting.

micro niche

For establishing your site you need two little things which could be setup under $60 only. Domain can be the name of your business or even can be your name for example, Buy the domain name from GoDaddy. In our case we are building a micro niche site so we will insert the the main keyword onto the domain so it will make the things more relevant for search engines and the visitors as well.When Searching for an domain take high searched keyword in the domain so it can be taken as good factor for SEO.

For example,,

For the researching of the domain name, you can use BustaName ( It automatically suggests domains available after entering the keywords you wish to add in the domain)

micro niche













micro niche

A domain name is nothing more than just a name, to host it on a particular server we need hosting. Hosting is the online space for your website or basically hosting contains all the databases, files, index file of your website. Hosting could be from any company but the one who leads in the business is HostGator and the one whom I recommend the most. I,ve been using Hostgator for a long time and no major problems are till faced the customer support is also brilliant.

Just Buy The Hosting and connect it to your micro niche site domain name via DNS.

Setting Up The Blog.

In this step we gonna set up the blog and installing WordPress. is a free to install bloging software for websites. You can easily follow the below given steps to Install WordPress from cpanel without getting any error.

micro niche
Click On the WordPress under AutoInstallers.




micro niche
Fill Up all the details.


micro niche
That Sit!


The WP Plugins that I used to build my micro niche sites.

  • SumoMe( For Lead Generation and to increase social count).
  • Yoast SEO ( For Making Quality Content).
  • Akismet ( For preventing spam).
  • Jetpack ( To protect from hackers and view the traffic)
  • W3 Total Cache ( For Caching).

As the main aim is to earn money only so monetize your website, one of the best way to optimize is AdSense these give ads to place onto your website.

Content Strategy.

Always try to make unique content not copy paste anybody’s strive you should make SEO Content to rank your niche site fast. For Knowing SEO I may consider you to read:

10 killer SEO TIPS

20 SEO Tips That Ridiculously increases traffic


That sit following each and every step will surely bring you $10,000 profits per month.


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