Are you publishing unique articles but doesn’t getting traffic. You should follow this no.1 way of promoting content after publishing to get free instant traffic.

Being a blogger we spend night and day to make a good quality content and then we wait for search engine exposure that gets traffic and brings people to entry on your website. Making your articles SEO Friendly is a good way to get the traffic onto your blog organically that will help people to find your unique content along with your website on the internet. But sometimes eventually your valuable content do not rank in the search engines or it gets totally unnoticed by the search engines which lead to getting very less traffic or zero. Unfortunately it not always happens that your unique content will rank on the search engines that’s why it’s also a good reason to manually promote your article without paying a dime.

Don’t worry about getting a high amount of traffic whereas you should worry about creating high quality and valuable content! Getting high amount traffic is always being a problem which we blogger’s every time faces

This article is a checklist of 5 most important and never forget things to do right after you publish an article onto your blog.

Social media marketing is one of the easiest ways to get instant traffic.

 #Promoting Strategy.

  • Find a topic which is relevant to your article and comment there with your site link.
  • Promote your website by making your own post in the network you wish to.
  • Only post unique in-depth, high-quality articles avoid generic content.
  • Don’t regenerate your content and post it again; post and wait at least for 2 weeks.
  • Reply to everyone and be humble.


how to promote content after publishing

Reddit is a social entertainment and news site where an registered user can submit link post, text post or an direct link to the site they wish. As of 2015, Reddit was having 542 million monthly visitors (234 million unique visitors).

Content area is organized as subreddits which include food, news, tech, gaming, movies, music, books, fitness, books, photo sharing and much more.

Reddit was ranked under the 27th most visited website on the planet.




how to promote content after publishing


Google+ is a social network which is maintained and owned by google. It do also provide a good amount of traffic in short amount of time period.

Google+ offers a high amount of traffic which will help you to drive a good amount of traffic onto your site.

Google+ also helps to build some authority to your website as the Pagerank of G+ is PR9 which is a little bit more than other websites.

Just find a community or a group that is relevant to your blog and join them, after joining start posting your links there. Google+.



promote content after publishing

facebook is a social networking service and was launched on February 4, 2004. Registered user can add friends, exchange messages, make a page.

Every person is trying to connect to the facebook these days; There are 1.65 billion monthly active users on facebook.

There are many ways of promoting your content on facebook and some of the ways are stated below.

  • Make a page for your business on facebook and link every post there.
  • Find and join a group which is relevant to your niche and start promoting your content there.
  • Paid promotion;  promote your content via facebook intelligent ADs this method requires some money to invest.

Comment On Relevant.

promote content after publishing

Being a Blogger, Before writing our article we collect information from many of the sources and after grabbing the best information we proceed for article writing.

When collecting information we see many of the sites while some of them are a high authority and some of them are a low authority but getting an approved comment on any of them will surely get some traffic onto your site and it will also a backlink too.

  • Prepare 3-4 lines expressing the author about joy and love you got to read,  put your site URL anywhere in these lines.
  • Find a relevant blog post to your article topic.
  • Paste that lines onto the comment area and hit reply.

Here’s a list of some high PR blogs accepting comments.

Email Newsletter.

promote content after publishing

Writing unique and informative content always matter if you do so people will come onto your blog and if they find the content is informative and helpful they will visit your site again & again and they will subscribe to your blog.

So if you gotta a good list of e-mails this method would be super easy for you.

Just send a weekly newsletter containing some information regarding your post.


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