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There are many ways who promises to earn real cash from your home via The INTERNET and 90% of them are totally fake. If you are looking for the best and the genuine ways to earn real cash working part-time or full time. So it’s probably the best place you landed on, we got some best ways to make you rich and more rich fast.

How can I check a website for a scam?

You can check a website for a scam by just knowing this little thing.

If they ask you for an amount for signup Do not pay them as this is the sign of fake but as there are some sites which are legit and ask for a signup payment so it’s a little bit of research, So every time you are thinking of paying them first do some research about them. Although the sites which do not ask you to pay they are the only legit ones.

We will now discuss 7+ Fabulous Ways to Earn Real Money From the Internet.


You might have heard people doing freelancing and earning directly from home.

Now the question is What is Freelancing?

Freelancer or Freelancing basically refers to a particular person who is self-employed for not a long term he/she get directly employed by the client via websites such as Odesk, Freelancer, etc.

You can also do the same by just finding in which particular field you are perfect in for example I am perfect in Designing so I will try to get a job for designing a logo or designing a web page.

What you have to do is just.

Turn your hobby into passionà Turn your passion into your workà Work into Profits.

To do Freelancing you can sign up in these following popular websites.


Make your own BLOG. 

What is a BLOG?

BLOG is a place where you shares or teach your talent with people around the planet with your little letters.

You can easily turn a BLOG into a money making machine which will surely give you money if you do your best.

In my opinion, you should start a blog with a self-hosted WordPress. A WordPress site will give you that all that you need for starting a BLOG, it has many plug-ins which will help you to create better every time you do.

Can you make money by BLOGGING?

Yes, you can make money by blogging even you can earn your complete living from a blog if everything goes right with a solid strategic plan to post one and each article.

How to write a blog and make money fast.

If you do want to really make money by writing a blog believe me don’t care about money your first target should write unique content not meaningless. To make money fast you should research for a micro niche that is basically focused on a particular niche having high search volumes, high CPC [Cost-per-click], low competition.

You can earn money from your BLOG in many ways such as AFFILIATE MARKETING, E-mail MARKETING, Monetization.

To get started let me understand you all of these.

 To make money from a blog you should have the following things.

  1. A good Domain on which you will be working on for example
  2. Shared hosting or WordPress hosting [ WordPress is an blogging platform where do millions of site owners trust on].

When It comes to hosting a domain Hostgator does the best. Click here to buy hostgator hosting, the hosting I prefer.



What is affiliate marketing?

AFFILIATE MARKETING is a way of marketing in which you link someone else from your BLOG or site or basically you are selling some other person product from your website through which you get commission based on each sale which vary up-to 50-70%.

It is a good way if you have a blog in which Ads are of very low cost per click but traffic is enough to manage big sales.

Here is a list of some popular affiliate marketplace.

  1. Clickbank.
  2. JvZoo.
  3. CJ marketplace.

Or you can try third party companies offering affiliate marketing for their products such as Bluehost,GoDaddy, Nativeads,etc.

Does affiliate marketing work?

Yes, affiliate marketing really works and its better then sticking low CPC ADs on your site that doesn’t worth your strive at all.

#Pro affiliate marketing tips

  • Always select a product that’s gravity is more.
  • Always select a product that is relevant to your niche.
  • Make beautiful and eye-catching  banners for affiliated products.
  • E-mail Marketing.

 What is email marketing?

In this type of marketing you prepare a list of people who subscribed in your blog by their emails after that you make a newsletter in which you promote affiliated products inside it and send it to all your blog subscribers you get through your blog. For example if you have 100,000 original emails you can send your affiliated newsletter to them and if the commission value is $100 for each sale, whereas in 100,000 people if even 10 people buy it then you will make a commission of total $1000.

Email marketing lets you to do affiliate marketing through emails.

Email Marketing Benefits.

  • More chances to earn.
  • You can make money by both email marketing and affiliate marketing.
  • It’s easy.
  • More chances to win.
  • You, can even sell your own product such as e-books and make more profits.


What do I need to start Email Marketing?

  1. A list of Email’s.
  2. Every Email should be original so use Auto responder tools which will verify your every email signed up through your blog by sending them a verification link and they will also send an automated newsletter to all your subscribers at once.
  3. Email marketing tools.
  4. A product to sell or promote.
  5. A well setup newsletter so that people can attract to it.

 Monetizing your blog means promoting third party website’s with ADs which pay you as per click by the visitors who will get through traffic. It is basically refers when you place someone ADs on your site and make money through it as I said by CPC which can vary from $0.01 to $50 per click.

There are many ways to monetize your BLOG with third parties. Or if you want to make more money you can put a page on your site telling that we will monetize your company in our blog by just some money for some days.

Do not stick too much Ads on your site as it will decrease user experience.

Here is a list of popular Monetizing platforms.

Content Monetization.

Content monetization refers to monetization within your content or article, content monetization programs makes an hyperlink in the most profitable keywords in the content that will link outside your website to the advertised page and pays out as Cost per click and impressions.

Here is the list of some great content monetization platforms.

#Pro Tips For Monetizing your Blog.

  1. Always spent time to do keyword research.
  2. Choose the highest CPC keyword.
  3. Choose LSI keywords [ Long tail Keywords ] which works best!


Paid to Click.

What is paid to click?

Paid to click basically refers to ad clicking jobs that pay you as per click these platform do not provide you enough money, somehow around $100 by only spending 2-3 hours a day well these are part time jobs. These platforms will ask you to visit a page and look at there for 15-30 seconds but somehow with affiliate marketing with these platforms you can earn up to $1000.

Want to get Paid to click, have a look at these ptc sites.

Become a Tester

A tester is whom who tests usability of someone apps or website from every angle that pays $10 per testing for 30 minutes although price and time both can vary and it is not too much complicated even an ordinary person can do that easily.

Wanna become a app or website tester have a look at these websites.

Always remember to test in an noiseless or undisturbed place.

Just signup in one of them or all of them and start working as a tester !!.

Coupon website

Coupon websites are nowadays much popular than ever and many people start building them only few of them are successful or 10% out of 100% your website can also be a part of those 10% successful coupon website,s if you do all things correct.

To start an Coupon blog you need a affililate system which will give you deals and coupons regularly with keeping them updated regularly which will pay you for each sale. It is not a marketplace.

To start a Coupon Blog you need the following.

  • Affiliate coupon system, for ex PayOOm.
  • Links which link externally from your blog to online shopping sites which when everytime a sale is been placed through your link, commission is put on your account for that you can use Cuelinks.
  • Good DOMAIN. As your focused niche is coupon you must try to insert coupon in your domain it will be good for SEO.
  • fast reliable hosting.

As there are many coupons site established so its hard to compete them if you wanna really compete them you should write every article with 750 words minimum.

Become a Online tutor.

If you are good at study subjects so this would be probably the best way for you to earn money online. What you have to do is sit in an undisturbed place with your PC and set correctly your webcam towards yourself, you have to prepare your student for examination and take tests also.

Being an online tutor you will interact people worldwide with a good amount of money.

If you teach for 2 hours a day your earning would be $315 per month, If you teach for 4 hours it would be $631, if you teach for 8 hours you would earn $1232 per month.

Here is the list of some great online Tuition classes.


Become a Virtual assistant.

What is virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a assistant which get help all the things virtually for his boss from any place of the planet basically if one is virtual assistant he or she could be asked for any type of work which the boss wants to do.

No qualification is required to become a virtual assistant you just need to signup as a virtual assistant in these sites given below whom takes virtual assistants.


Sell your photos.

Are you good at photography if yes this way should be the easiest way for you to earn money online to get started pick the 10 best of your photography photos for the inspection taken by  the companies whom you will be selling your photos so if the photos will not be right your showcase would also will not be good looking therefore nobody will purchase your photographs so always go for high quality and eye catching photographs.

These are the sites which give you the image selling opportunities.


Take Surveys For Cash.

Many of you heard about surveys but not the surveys for cash but nowadays these sites are popular which gives surveys to the members and in return the members get money, taking each survey time can vary from 1 min to 50 min, taking each survey money can vary from $0.20 to $50. These sites require much time but once you get your first survey there will be no ending to your fall.

List of some popular Survey Sites.


Will these sites will give me money quickly?

Yes, these sites will give you money fast and quick if everything goes in right manner as I said in every way and every business needs hard work so also not think somebody will give you money on your hand although your strive matters  at all.

Are these sites fake?

The list of site I do provide are and will never gonna be fake because they are researched and well populated in the business and I only take the sites which seems to be best in the business.

How will I get paid.

You an set your payment option to bank transfer or even some companies do offer Cheque but PayPal is the most recommend in these cases.



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