Many of you may be thinking to launch their own self-hosted WordPress Site for their particular purpose and while configuring a WordPress site for your purpose, You have to make many changes that may sometimes destroy the complete website and sometimes it may stand next to your hope and all the process is a little bit complicated when doing live at your web host.

But if you want to setup your WordPress Site offline before showing it to the world and making it live, you can do it simply by installing WordPress locally on your PC with XAMPP and it includes all the things starting from making a database and managing users in MySQL and PhpMyAdmin.

And it’s also not very hard to migrate local WordPress site to live WordPress site but in this topic, we will only cover How to install WordPress on XAMPP and for the next post, we will discuss how to migrate  Local WordPress to live server.

What is XAMPP ?

XAMPP is an open source cross-platform web server solution stack which is totally free, open source which includes MariaDB, PHP and Pearl and they all provides the things that you will need to setup a localhost. XAMPP allows you to install several web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, Drupal and many such applications.

If you haven’t installed XAMPP on PC yet go here to read How To Install XAMPP On PC on our

How To Install WordPress On XAMPP.

For Installing WordPress Correctly You need To Follow All The Steps Correctly.

Step 1: Download WordPress from the official WordPress Site, click on the highlighted box and download WordPress for XAMPP from there.


xampp Official Download Page.


Step 2: Copying WordPress.

Locate the downloaded WordPress Zip file and copy it to the htdocs folder which is under XAMPP installation folder which is probably under C drive. Make a folder inside htdocs naming your website name and extract the zip into that folder.

The subfolder you make under the main installation folder of XAMPP should look like this.

how to install wordpress on pc

WordPress installed under our folder which is should look like this. After extracting the files delete the WordPress Zip file.

how to install wordpress on pc

Step 3: Now it comes to making user and managing the databases.

Just Open the XAMPP Control Panel and start all the modules like represented in below image.


Step 4: Now type localhost/PHPMyAdmin on your web browser.

how to install wordpress on xampp













Now tap on “New”.

how to install wordpress on xampp

Type “wp” in the box and click create.

Now click on new again and now tap on user accounts.

how to install wordpress on xampp

After tapping on “Add user account”. Enter all the data according to your relevancy.

Login Information: It contains the information your WordPress site will require at the time of setup, as well as at the time of logging into WordPress admin panel. Enter the username and password as your name or anything else you may like and remember, “Host Name” should be at local—> Localhost.

DataBase For User Account: Tap on “Create database with same name and grant all privileges” and “Grant all privileges on wildcard name (username/_%)” to tick them as it’s important whenever you are doing something with your WordPress Site or if you not it will restrict some features for you.

Global Privileges all: This option will grant you as an administrator.

After entering all the information click onto to install wordpress on xampp

Step 5: Setting up WordPress.

Now open your site ending with wp/admin at the last for example in this tutorial we have made the site named as and to setup and login onto the site we have to type localhost/ in the web browser.

WordPress Setup Page Will Load Up. Select the language and tap onto continue, then click onto ” Let’s go”.

how to install wordpress on xampp

Now enter all the information we made by making databases and user like one below.

Database name: This is the name of the Database which we have made in step 4 and that is wp.

Username & Password: It is the username and the password that we have created before.

Database Host: In our tutorial, we have selected localhost as database host.

Table prefix: It is the prefix of the table, for now we are leaving it as “wp_” only.

After entering all the information click on submit.

how to install wordpress on xampp

After tapping on “submit” button a page will appear like one below and click “Run the Install”.

how to install wordpress on xampp


After the installation, WordPress will say you to enter some information, enter all the information like one I have entered below.

how to install wordpress on xampp

A dialog box will appear saying success now you can log in and manage your own WordPress Site.

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