If you are a blogger you might have heard about affiliate marketing. But if you don’t know about it, knowing this tutorial will completely let you understand about affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the system in which you sell affiliated products through your website, blog or email list and whenever you get a sale, you get a commission which varies product to product even some products commission goes as high as 70-80% and some products goes as low as 5-10%. Affiliate marketing always helped many of the bloggers to raise their income.

The best part about Affiliate Marketing is that it Has No Rules, You can do the things in the way you wish to do.

If you have a micro niche site which receive a good amount of visitors, So running Affiliate Marketing along with AdSense will surely be profitable and will help you to make huge profits.

Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Here is a list of some popular affiliate marketing platform which may help you to do affiliate marketing.

  • ClickBank.
  • CJ.
  • JVzoo.
  • ShareaSale.
  • VCommission.
  • And Even Some Companies Do Offer Affiliate Marketing Systems By Their Own for example Berush it’s an system which is particularly uses to market SemRush only early Hostgator also used their own affiliate marketing system before switching to third party Systems.

How to Choose the Right Product to Sell.

affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners

If you do not choose the right product to sell, you will not gonna make money. So it’s very important to choose the right product to market for your website. Always select a product which gravity is more than others and is relevant to your niche choosing a wrong niche product only because of high commission doesn’t make any sense. Because the audience is targeted for a particular niche for instance let we take a example of two websites of same niche which is tech. A person has a tech blog where he sells some Electronic Products and the other person also have an tech blog where he sells affiliated cosmetic products. And the question is which person is going to have better sales comparatively and the answer is obviously the first one would be getting more sales than person b, because the first person is selling a thing which is relevant to his niche and for the audience as well.

How to Promote the Products for free?

affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners

There are several ways to promote an affiliated product some of them are paid and some of them are free and in this affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners. We gonna discuss about the free ways that actually make enough profits from your blog whereas the both ways works but for a beginner I do more prefer for the free ways rather than spending money on the paid ways.

Here are some free ways you can use to promote affiliate marketing stuff.

#1 Email Newsletter: It is the weekly newsletter which you send to your blog subscriber’s with your blog updates. And that’s where you can also promote affiliated products also.

affiliate marketing tutorial for beginner

#2Force Sale Through an Article: It contain about reviewing an product basically, forcing the reader to buy the product with your recommendation and describing the product as the best in it’s category with placing the affiliated links throughout the content.

affiliate marketing tutorials

#3Text/Image Banners: This method is very simple, either sticking up Ads, you can put an Affiliated Banner which you can make by yourself by getting some information of the products and writing the things onto the banner which may consider the visitor to checkout the Banner, the banner should be eye catching.

affiliate marketing tutorial

#4 YouTube: YouTube is a great source to get traffic as it is not hard to rank a video and you can also make a video on reviewing a product and can make money by adding the affiliate link onto the description of your YouTube Video.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article as I am writing the things over here with full of my dedication and hard work but if you do found any type of error in my website. Feel free to contact me it will be a pleasure for me to listen you.

Here are some questions that might have been inside your brain with the answers.

Is Affiliate Marketing Free To Set Up?

Yes, Affiliate Marketing is totally free to set up as the platforms which offers this type of marketing doesn’t require money to access the hub when you have done the signup process you can directly choose the product which you want to promote and get your unique affiliate link.

What are the Plugins that I may use to integrate affiliate links onto my Site?

Here Is the List of some plugins that I use to control external linking to link out to affiliate links.

How Much Can I Earn From Affiliate Marketing?

As I said there’s no limitations based on monthly revenue if you are doing affiliate marketing in the right way you can even make the triple money than the monetized platfotm, for instance if you have 100,000 monthly visitors you may probably earn $97 something like that and if you successfully make 5 sales in 100,000 visitors ( Each Product Commission Costs $90 ) you can make 450 extra dollars along with AdSense.



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